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We are recognized as an IB world school 060020 for the Primary Years Programme

I cordially invite you to transfer 1,5% of income tax to the Schools through the Foundation.

How to transfer 1,5% tax to the School of your choice?

When completing the PIT form, please enter the KRS number of the Gdansk Education Foundation - 0000069788 and the amount of the tax transferred in the "Application for transfer
of 1,5% of the tax due to public benefit organization (organizacja pożytku publicznego - OPP)" section.

For this amount to support the School of your choice, under the heading "Additional information (Informacje uzupełniające)" as a specific goal of 1,5%, please enter: International School of Gdansk (ISG) and indicate that you agree
for the tax office to provide us with information placed under the heading "Specific goal of 1,5%".

Thank you to all those who decide to transfer 1,5% of their tax to us.


More information on www.gfo.pl at the link „1,5% podatku”.