Laboratoria Przyszłości (Laboratories of the Future) is a program for elementary and general art schools. It aims to build creative and technical competencies among students. Under the Program, schools will receive financial support from the state for the purchase of technical equipment necessary for the development of practical skills among children and young people.

laboratoria przyszłości

As part of the Laboratories of the Future program, our school has purchased:

  • a 3D printer,
  • an Arduino educational kit,
  • a soldering station,
  • a camera with tripod,
  • a lighting kit,
  • a microport,
  • a Lego Spike Prime set
  • an Ozobot premium set with Ozobots and puzzles for the entire institution

Students at the Elementary International School of Gdansk will be able to use the equipment in classes, daycare and during clubs.