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In order to finish school, you do not have to attend it. For some, this may sound strange, but it is how it works in some cases. Children might be taught in their own home by their parents, relatives, or older brothers and sisters, and come to school only to pass exams from each subject. It is allowed by the law concerning the educational system of December 14th, 2016 (J.L. 2017., pos. 59, art. 37). In the administrative language homeschooling is called "fulfilling compulsory education outside of school”.


How to allow your child to be homeschooled?

In order to enroll a child into homeschooling you need to apply to the school's director.

 On the basis of the above-mentioned document, the school's director makes a decision concerning „allowing a child to fulfill the compulsory education outside of school” and to inform parents about it. The child is given a student's ID, and since that moment the school is responsible for the child's homeschooling. Parents are given a list of exam subjects. Teachers inform parents about exam requirements. After passing all exams, the child is given promotion to the next class and a report card.

Not passing the exams causes removing student from the list of homeschoolers and at the same time necessity to change the school.

Parents and children are informed about the school's schedule and can attend all events organized by the school or by the class (trips to the theatre, concerts, outings). There is a possibility to use materials shared by the teachers once a month on the Google Classroom platform.


The homeschool students can also attend additional classes and chosen lessons after the consultation with the school's director. Parents can be advised by the subject teachers and the homeroom teacher in accordance with rules established and accepted by both parties.


• Monthly tuition (after applying discount for timely payments)  in the school year 2021/2022 :

Elementary International School of Gdańsk

EISG 150 PLN (paid throughout 10 months)

High International School of Gdańsk

HISG 150 PLN (paid throughout 10 months) - Polish path

HISG 185 PLN (paid throughout 10 months) - English path

HISG 450 PLN (paid throughout 10 months) - Bilingual path

HISG 563 PLN (paid throughout 10 months) - English path (premium) 

• For child’s participation in school and afterschool events, the payment the same as for other students.

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High International School of Gdańsk



Homeschooling coordinator - Mrs. Edyta Ż

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