The mission of GFO schools is to provide an atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect. The schools aim to perfect student as well as to cultivate aptitudes and attitudes of independence, responsibility and creativity. These goals are achieved through the cooperation and commitment of the entire school community.

We strive for our students to be:

  • comprehensively educated
  • creative and independent in their thoughts and actions,
  • open-minded and communicative,
  • aware of their own strengths and needs,
  • responsible for themselves and others,
  • respectful of traditions and values of the country he/she lives in,
  • active in social life,
  • mindful of the environment,
  • life-long learners who are prepared for life in an ever changing world

The GFO teacher is guided at work by ethics principles, students' needs and well-being. He or she takes care of his/her own personal and professional development. A teacher is:

  • responsible,
  • principled,
  • kind,
  • involved,
  • creative,
  • inspiring and supportive,
  • open to changes.