We implement original initiatives and offer comprehensive solutions ensuring the highest quality of education.


In our schools, preschools and counseling centers we create a friendly and safe environment, where children and young people develop their full potential in an atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect.


Based on our values, the competence and commitment of our entire team, we ensure that this development is comprehensive and balanced.



I. Respect:

1. Recognising the subjectivity and individuality of each person.

2. Treating everyone with kindness and empathy.

3. Tolerance and openness to diversity.

4. Relationships based on dialogue and mutual understanding.

II. Responsibility:

1. A duty of care for the words spoken, the actions taken and the common good and the environment.

2. The awareness that when we make mistakes, they must be corrected.
3. A value at both personal and team level.

III. Autonomy:

1. Being able to make your own choices.
2. Shaping one's own development path.
3. Freedom of thought and self-expression.

IV. Commitment:

1. Proactivity and readiness to act.

2. Being convinced that what we do and how we do it matters.

3. Seeking out areas for improvement and development.


We form a Community, in which everyone identifies with the values we have adopted.