Since 2003, or since the inception of Psychological - Pedagogical Center "Osiek" we comprehensively implement the tasks of psychological - educational tasks in the schools of the Gdansk Educational Foundation. We are the precursors of this form of cooperation between psychological - pedagogical centers and educational institutions. For many years we have actively participated in daily school life, so we get better acquainted with our students and we are able to offer them more accurate assistance.

The tasks of the Clinic include diagnosing the needs of students, teachers and parents who are involved in the process of education. The offer developed by the Center stems from needs of the educational environment which are present in the school and preschool. Our goal is to provide coverage to students' comprehensive care that meets their individual needs. Our experts deal with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of children and adolescents. We train teachers, as well as provide psycho-educational methods for parents. Our mission is also to support the planning and implementation of educational progress in the classroom.