A special event of March were open classes in which willing parents of children covered by speech therapy could participate. It was an opportunity to see what the speech therapy classes in our school look like, the opportunity to have fun together and work with your child, and talk to the speech therapist about the progress and perspectives of therapy.

March 2018, Małgorzata Kostecka – speech therapist

How to teach math and have fun with it? In short film I show you one simple method using colours stics. I made this video for children In 6-7 years and to parents who want to know how make fun with learning.


Pictures below show the effects of work (fun?).

Also we were practicing visual and language functions which is so important in literacy, we were looking for the "other half" of hearts, we arranged numerical sequences and remembered the names of animals.


February 2018, Michalina Biedrzycka- educational therapist

Rested after the winter holidays, we return to work. This time we were waiting for workshops on coping with difficult emotions. We learned to show anger, experience sadness and fear. The children shared their insights and experiences.

February 2018, Anna Zdolska-Wawrzkiewicz – psychologist

In January there were workshops in older classes. Young people could get to know each other from a completely new site. Students who joined the classes had the opportunity to feel even more part of the group. First of all, we were accompanied by good fun and openness. Together, while performing the task, we were going to the uninhabited island I had created.

January 2018, Anna Zdolska-Wawrzkiewicz – psychologist

The Christmas time is very joyful, especially then we want to share with other positive emotions! Mrs. Gosia, Ania and Michalina send Christmas smiles straight from the ISG and invite you to watch the short movie "Looking for Christmas Smile" reminding you how precious the smile is :)


December 2017, Małgorzata Kostecka- speech therapist, Michalina Biedrzycka- pedagogue, educational therapist, Anna Zdolska-Wawrzkiewicz - psychologist