The services are implemented in English and Polish.

    •   Support in coping with social interactions
    •   Support in dealing with emotional difficulties
    •   Support in dealing with educational difficulties
    •   Design and conduct of workshops relevant to needs
    •   Psycho-educational exercises
    •   Intervention work in crisis situations
    •   Sociometric testing
    •   Pedagogical therapy
    •   Psychological – pedagogical diagnosis
    •   Speech impediment diagnosis and therapy

    •   Support in the development and implementation of educational programs
    •   Support in the development and implementation of prevention programs
    •   Constructing individual educational programs
    •   Help in solving problems related to the functioning in educational groups
    •   Help in solving individual problems with pupil’s development
    •   Individual consultations
    •   Workshops and training
    •   psycho-educational materials

    •   Support in the process of raising children
    •   Help in solving development problems
    •   Crisis intervention
    •   Individual consultations
    •   Group psycho-educational workshops
    •   psycho-educational materials