PORADNIA 1To meet the needs of the international preschool and school environment, we have prepared a special/extensive offer of PPP "Osiek" in the field of psychological and pedagogical care available within the tuition fee.

We have ensured an expanded number of hours dedicated to supportive consultations for students and parents, classroom work, psycho-education, prevention, career counseling. We cover students in grades 0-3 with speech therapy for communication difficulties and students in grades 0-8 with pedagogical therapy for developmental difficulties.

For interested Parents of GFO school students, we offer preferential financial terms for psychological and pedagogical diagnosis, which is carried out on school premises, and speech therapy for older students (4-8). As one of only a few in the Tri-City area in the field of career counseling, we conduct individual conversations with each student in grades 8 of elementary school and in grades 3 of high school, thanks to which we identify the optimal opportunities for further development based on personal preferences and resources. Our counseling center participates in the Talent Ambassador program.

PPP "Osiek" specialists accompany you not only when you need support, but also when you experience the joy of your children's educational and educational successes.

We cordially invite you to take advantage of the offer of PPP "Osiek" dedicated to Students and Parents and to read its details below.

The services are implemented in English and Polish.

For students:
    •   Support in coping with social interactions
    •   Support in dealing with emotional difficulties
    •   Support in dealing with educational difficulties
    •   Design and conduct of workshops relevant to needs
    •   Psycho-educational exercises
    •   Intervention work in crisis situations
    •   Sociometric testing
    •   Pedagogical therapy
    •   Psychological – pedagogical diagnosis
    •   Speech impediment diagnosis and therapy

For teachers:
    •   Support in the development and implementation of educational programs
    •   Support in the development and implementation of prevention programs
    •   Constructing individual educational programs
    •   Help in solving problems related to the functioning in educational groups
    •   Help in solving individual problems with pupil’s development
    •   Individual consultations
    •   Workshops and training
    •   psycho-educational materials

For parents:
    •   Support in the process of raising children
    •   Help in solving development problems
    •   Crisis intervention
    •   Individual consultations
    •   Group psycho-educational workshops
    •   psycho-educational materials

Career advice

The internal Career Advisory Program can be found  here.

The person in charge of the career advice at the ISG is Artur Lewandowski - psychologist and career advisor.