Kinga Zuzia and Maja

I have a pleasure to announce that three of our students: Maja Żuk (G7), Zuzia Pieczonka (G8) and Kinga Szczepańska (G8) have qualified for the second round of the English Language Competition 2020/2021 for elementary students for Grade 4-8 of the Pomerania province. The Competition was organized by the Education Board based in Gdańsk.

Good luck at the next level of the competition, girls! ⭐️

Edyta Caban-Żywicka (23.10.2020)

201012isgtopten newsElementary International School of Gdansk in Top 10 regarding the results of the 8th graders' exam in Gdańsk! We are so proud! And remember, some of our students don’t even speak Polish- exams are in Polish!
Congratulations to our graduates and teachers!


Agata Kożuszek (11.10.2020)

We are proud to announce that our 3rd-grade student, Emilia Stelmachowska, plays two roles in the latest production of Teatr Miniatura entitled "Mr. Kleks' Academy". Go and check yourself a show of our Emi's acting as doctor Paj-Chi-Wo.

Agata Kożuszek (07.10.2020)

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juliaboberWe are proud to announce that our own Julia Bober was awarded an honours scholarship from the President of Gdansk Aleksandra Dulkiewicz for exceptionally talented students!
Congratulations Julia!





Agata Kożuszek (01.10.2020)

190402sportcompetitionOn March 3rd, a representation from our school took part in an inter-school sports competition.
A few of the challenges were medicine ball rolling, running with a ribbon or walking under hurdles.
We were competing with Elementary Schools nr 27, 42 and STO. Unfortunately we didn't win but it's not the main point of having fun. Our kids gained a great experience and had the opportunity to spend time actively.





Aleksandra Czyżykowska (02.04.2019)