High International School of Gdansk
Międzynarodowe Liceum Ogólnokształcące w Gdańsku

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Dear Student!
When you decide to choose home education in HISG, you choose

  • independence in managing your time

    You decide when you study. A traditional timetable does not apply to you.
    You can shape it yourself so that it favors your style of studying and allows for the implementation of other ideas.
    We will help you plan your work during effective time management workshops, because the most important thing is to have a plan.

  • independence in choosing the teaching aids

    You decide what you use while studying. Home education allows you to choose any teaching aids you want, including student’s books. We will provide you with the range of material to master in each class, but it is you who choose which resources will help you learn. We will also suggest interesting and helpful internet resources that are worth using.

  • responsibility for your own learning

    You decide about the quality of your education. Not only can you choose the sources of knowledge by yourself, but also learn in the most effective way for you. It is worth knowing your learning style, so we will propose a workshop on learning styles.
    A responsible approach will allow you to take the classification exams successfully.

  • modern approach to education

    It is you who contribute to the contemporary model of education. Knowledge is at your fingertips, available to everyone. Our role is to support and inspire you. That is why our offer includes webinars with experts and interesting people. These meetings will broaden your horizons and allow you to look at the world from many perspectives.
    Selected online lessons also have such a goal.


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Dear Parent!
When you decide to choose home education for your child at HISG, you choose

  • shaping independence, responsibility and innovation

    At times when knowledge is available at your fingertips, the attitudes of future graduates are much more valuable. Home education gives the opportunity to develop these competences without the limitations of the school system. It is a challenge that allows the parent to raise an independent, responsible and innovative person.

  • independence in the selection of teachers and materials

    Together with the student, the parent decides about the selection of materials and specialists who can support the learning process. At the high school stage, the student is able to organize his or her own education and determine when and to what extent he/she needs support. The access to materials from renowned universities from around the world means that we do not have to limit the student to one specific textbook.

  • individualization of working methods depending on individual needs

    By taking responsibility for education, you have the right to decide on the choice of methods and the way in which studying is organized. The student is not a slave to 45-minute time slots. The student does not have to spend 8 to 10 hours at school. They can learn and at the same time have time to meet their own needs and friends. They can also work in the most effective way for themselves.