Admission to grade 1 of Elementary International School of Gdansk for the school year 2018/2019

During the school year 2018/2019 we plan to open one department – grade 1 in Elementary International School of Gdansk.

Stages of the admission process:
1. Parents/legal guardians submit admission form (link for printing).Submission period expires on April the 13th 2018.

2. The applicants are evaluated at the „Osiek” Therapy Center by a qualified psychologist. As a part of the evaluation, parents will be interviewed about their child. The evaluation will occur on individually appointed dates, between February the 12th and April the 20th. The evaluation fee is 100zł. Children who follow the one year preschool preparation curriculum at International Preschool of Gdansk are relieved from the payment.

3. After the evaluation, applicants will be scored according to the result of the evaluation:
• level A – 50 points;
• level B – 40 points;
• level C – 30 points;
• level D – 20 points;
• level E – 10 points.

4. The applicants may receive additional points if they meet one of the following criteria:
• follow the preschool preparation curriculum at International Preschool of Gdansk – 25 points;
• follow the preschool preparation curriculum in other schools managed by Gdansk Educational Foundation– 15 points;
• follow the preschool preparation curriculum at preschools/preschool units with extended English curriculum– 5 points;
• are a child of the graduate of one of the schools managed by the Gdansk Educational Foundation– 10 points.
The points mentioned above do not sum up. In case of meeting more than one criteria, the higher of the scores is awarded.

5. The applicants with the highest point score will be admitted to school.

6. The parents/legal guardians of the applicants undergoing qualification process will be informed about the result by April 24th 2018.

7. The final requirement of the child’s admission is submitting to the school’s office the payment receipt of the admission fee, which is 1400zł (the applicants currently attending International Preschool of Gdansk are eligible to 20% discount), by April 30th 2018.

8. The applicants who have scored on a minimum level of C during the evaluation, submitted the admission form and paid the admission fee are guaranteed a place in grade 1 before the end of admission process.

The admission process for the remaining applicants will be carried out as planned for the remaining places in grade 1.

Admission process to grade „0” at International Preschool of Gdansk – link