Recruitment for preschool and "0" grade in preschool are conducted at International Preschool of Gdansk International Preschool of Gdansk -


Recruitment Homeschooling Elementary (Gr.1, Gr.2, Gr.3, Gr.4,Gr.5, Gr.6,Gr.7, Gr.8,) and High School (Gr.9,Gr.10,Gr.11,Gr.12) - rules


Recruitment to Gr.0*, Gr.1, Gr.2, Gr.3, Gr.4,Gr.5, Gr.6,Gr.7, Gr.8,



Students are recruited to the International School of Gdansk throughout the year.
In order to enroll a student in school, you must
- arrange a meeting with the school's headmaster
- take advantage of the trial days offer
- submit the completed application form to the secretary's office

The school headmaster decides about the student's admission to the school.


All interested are invited to visit the school and contact the school office (

Application form to Elementary School

Application form to High School

 *Gr.0" preschool grade in elementary school