Gdansk Educational Foundation
has finished realisation of the project
“Creative and innovative students competitive on the job market”

Project’s duration August the 1st 2016 to July 31st 2018

Project was addressed to all the students and teachers of schools managed by Gdansk Educational Foundation: Autonomic Schools of Gdansk:
- Autonomic Primary School of Gdansk,
- Autonomic Middle School of Gdansk
- Autonomic High School of Gdansk
Autonomic Schools of Sopot:
- Autonomic Primary School of Sopot
- Autonomic Middle school of Sopot
- Autonomic High School of Sopot
International School of Gdansk:
- Elementary International School of Gdansk
- Middle International School of Gdansk
- High International School of Gdansk

Main aim of the Project was to develop students’ basic abilities and key competences, essential on the job market. Specific aims:
- Developing students’ competence in using the ICT devices (Information and Communication Technologies);
- Developing students’ creative and innovative competences;
- Developing teachers’ qualifications in new methods of teaching using ICT Additional, individual school specific classes for students and training courses for teachers were carried out within the Project.
Media equipment, computers, tablets, didactic aids, etc. were purchased within the Project. Financing of the Project: the Project was realised within the Pomeranian Voivodeship Regional Operation Program for the years 2014-2020, Priority Axis 3 Education, Action 3.2 General Education, Sub-action 3.2.1 Quality of general education, co-financed by the European Social Fund. Details are available at the respective schools offices: - Autonomic Schools of Gdansk – tel. no. 58 – 305 – 80 – 61
- Autonomic Schools of Sopot – tel. no. 58 550 – 14 – 76
- International School of Gdansk – tel. no. 58 342 – 31 – 00 All students of International l School of Gdansk took part in the following additional classes:
Robotics LOFI (Grades 1-6), Rubic Cube (Grades 1-3), Chess (Grades 1-3), Logic (Grades 4-6), Computer Graphic Design (Grades 7-11), Logic Maths Games (Grades 7-11). All additional classes had been design to develop creativity and innovation skill of our students.