The next House of PYP Skills is finished! This one is about social skills we are teachng our students in the PYP Programme. Here is the link to the photo of the whole Social Skills House on our Instagram account -

In this update on the site, we are presenting every PYP skill with it's own small illustration from the Social Skills House:

IMG_20190313_131532_554 (1).jpeg

Accepting responsibility

IMG_20190314_084751_952 (1).jpeg

Group decision making

IMG_20190315_105328_057 (1).jpeg

Adopting a variety of group roles

IMG_20190319_112541_592 (1).jpeg


IMG_20190320_134046_152 (1).jpeg

Respecting others

IMG_20190321_084353_642 (1).jpeg

Resolving conflict

Also, we have started a small library project called "A quote of the week". We are sharing some great quotes from children's books, the quote is hanging on our library board through the whole week before it's changed. Hopefully, some students (and teachers) will be inspired by them as much as we, librarians, are.


We also had a longer visit with a library lesson with Grade 4! They were creating questions to ask themselves before starting to read a book - for example 'What this book can be about?', 'What kind of characters can be presented in this kind of book?'.

Hope to see you again soon.


We also have two very important books for us - about our country, Poland. Come and check them out.


And last but not least - check our library's small chinese wall :D Isn't it fun to learn new languages?


Zuzanna Konieczna-Czerwinska - librarian (25.03.2019)