That is how Thursdays mornings look like in the library of International School of Gdansk!

Grade 0 (IPG) with teachers come to feel the atmosphere of a library full of interesting books. They also listen to some incredible stories...

In the library everyone is always welcome !!!



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Empik bookstore organized a competition for a poster promoting reading.
Therefore, during the Morning Daycare (MDC) our students drew their favorite books characters in... dots :-)
We'll be sharing a link to vote on our poster here
The number of votes will determine the winners, who will then win a book for the library!
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In our library, we have several new titles of children's books in English.

 I especially recommend a series of Early Reader books and reading levels publishing Ladybird. 

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We invite all students to participate in the fourth edition of the Literary Contest the Story Cubes! The competition aims to develop children's imagination and inspire them to work on their fiction skills.

What is the competition?
Students are asked to write short stories inspired choice by the organizers due to roll the dice Story Cubes. The younger the children, including their stories will be based on a smaller number of cubes.

For when the last contest?
Stories can be sent to
28 February 2017, is the date of postmark. The results will be published on the competition website on 1 June.

What are the prizes?
Stories participating in the competition will be divided into 5 categories. In each category will be selected the winning story, which the author will be rewarded with the game. The school, which represented the story, will receive a set of games.

How to take part in the competition?

1. Check the symbols for a group of your age group
2. The rules of writing - ask Ms. Alicja or click here

You can also come to the school library and record a story and

Ms. Alicja will transcription (writing) your text.

basnie naturalnie

A nationwide art competition for primary school students and secondary school

" Fairy tales, of course ! "

The competition is based on making artworks from natural materials
(e. g. stones, sticks, shells) which is the interpretation of the chosen fairy tale.
Then the composition should be photographed and sent
via email to the organizers.
Contest entries will be judged in three age categories: students in grades 0-3 elementary school; students in grades 4-6 elementary school; high school students.

The deadline: December 20th.