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Zuzanna Konieczna-Czerwinska - librarian (19.03.2019)

In the libary we have now some books organized with PYP learner profile. If you're interested in any of these areas, come and see these books. Or ask the librarian - maybe I can help You find something else you will like.

Learner profile areas: Balanced, Caring, Communicators, Inquirers, Knowlegeable, Open-minded, Principled, Reflective, Risk-takers, Thinkers.

Zuzanna Konieczna-Czerwinska - librarian (18.03.2019)

In our library the painted houses are being created about PYP skills. Beside teaching our students visually they make an atmosphere of energy, colours and warmth.

Below all of the PYP skills shown by characters on the Communication House:





Reading and presenting

Non-verbal communication

Zuzanna Konieczna-Czerwinska - librarian (12.03.2019)


We have new polish books for our youngest students in our library.


Zuzanna Konieczna-Czerwinska - librarian (10.05.2018)

We had brought more Polish essential reading books to the school library - the books are shown on the photo. There are books for primary educations as well as high education.

In the future we look forward to bring more books not only in Polish language.

Come, borrow and read!


mgr Zuzanna Konieczna-Czerwinska - librarian (22.03.2018)