Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania gdańskie targi książki

In the name of the school library I recommend that you see Gdańsk Books Fair, an event dedicated to books and literature in Pomerania. Besides book stations there will be a lot of attractions with the authors of books - exhibition openings, premieres, discussions. As part of the event you shall see book illustrations made by Iwona Chmielewska in Sztuka Wyboru in Gdańsk Wrzeszcz, and also you shall see the best books of the last year selected in the competition Konkursu Książka Roku 2017 z sekcji IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People Competition - Polish Selection) in Polish Baltic Concert Hall. For children there are also planned worshops with illustrators such as Maria Dek, Agata Królak, Patrycja Wojtkowiak, also in Polish Baltic Concert Hall.

All will be held from Friday to Sunday - 16.03 - 18.03.

All will be held in places in Gdańsk: Polish Baltic Concert Hall, Urban Culture Institute (IKM), Baltic Culture Center (NCK), St. Jan Centre, Sztuka Wyboru, Regional and City Public Library.

More detailed plan of the event you can find here: https://www.trojmiasto.pl/Gdanskie-Targi-Ksiazki#all

See you there!

mgr Zuzanna Konieczna-Czerwinska - librarian (14.03.2018)

Today we are near culture - in the name of ISG library I invite You to visit Spichlerz Opacki (Opacki's Granary) in Oliwa, where in Etnographic Branch of National Museum in Gdańsk Japanese dolls are exhibited. I think these exotic items can be of interest to children and adults. Have a good visit.

site of the museum and the exhibition - http://www.mng.gda.pl/events/lalki-japonskie-magia-obyczaje-legendy/

site of the exhibition on facebook - https://www.facebook.com/events/1660354184078238/?event_time_id=1660354214078235

mgr Zuzanna Konieczna-Czerwinska - librarian (5.03.2018)

After the New Year there is also the new number of our school periodic - The Old School Bell no. 3!

In here we have an interesting article by our chinese student Jiayi Ji and new comics by Arisha Ahmed. Also a lot of art in this publication.

Have fun reading!



Mgr Zuzanna Konieczna-Czerwinska - librarian (18.01.2018)

New Year has come and new books in the library are waiting to be read.

As usual see for yourself. Polish and English, for youngest and more mature readers.

min books.jpg

Mgr Zuzanna Konieczna-Czerwinska - librarian (17.01.2018)

Have a good time reading a new December number of the school magazine The Old School Bell!

Inside - students articles, new interesting school activities, Spaghetti Book Club, new books in the library, November calendar and a few anouncements.

The periodic download here:


cov dec rgb mini.jpg

Mgr Zuzanna Konieczna-Czerwinska - librarian (10.12.2017)