New Year has come and new books in the library are waiting to be read.

As usual see for yourself. Polish and English, for youngest and more mature readers.

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Mgr Zuzanna Konieczna-Czerwinska - librarian (17.01.2018)

Have a good time reading a new December number of the school magazine The Old School Bell!

Inside - students articles, new interesting school activities, Spaghetti Book Club, new books in the library, November calendar and a few anouncements.

The periodic download here:

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Mgr Zuzanna Konieczna-Czerwinska - librarian (10.12.2017)

We introduce to you new books in the library - in english and polish, for youngest and for more adult. There are more books already passing from hands to hands.

We invite you to borrow them and read with us!


Mgr Zuzanna Konieczna-Czerwinska - bibliotekarz (4.12.2017)

The very first ISG's monthly school periodic 'The Old School Bell' in the Internet version now available for everyone to see and download here:

In the magazine, which will be expanding, are two calendars from two previous months with pictures from the most important school events. Additionally, there are photos from some of the school sctivities, as also students works - written, artistic, photographic and figures. Also there are some riddles to solve for those who like brain puzzles.

Have a good time reading, looking at and good luck!

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Zuzanna Konieczna-Czerwinska - librarian (13.11.2017)


From the end of September we had The Buckeye competition, so now you can see

The Buckeye Exhibition in the school library and competition results!


1st place – Lena Banaszek from Grade 0

2nd place – Jagoda Żebrowska from Grade 0   AND   Maja and Aleksandra Wojciechowskie from Grades 1 and 4

3rd place – Nicole Augustyn from Grade 0

Thank you for participating –  I hope you had fun making these. And also the library is more colourful now thanks to you :)

Zuzanna Konieczna - Czerwinska ( 25.10.2017)