If you want to join the global idea of Bookcrossing, you can do it today.

Just bring a book and put it in a box at the entrance to the Library.

This is a simple way for a book to change an owner and go out into the world :-)))

J o i n  u s !!!



Pupils born on or between 1st April 2002 and 31st March 2009 (7-13 years old) are invited to prepare individually a “picture” that relates to one of the following themes:

1. Solar System and Space Science (e.g. How does Earth look from the surface of the Moon and the surface of Venus)
2. Europe in space (e.g. Walking on a comet)
3. Human beings on Mars (e.g. Mars satellite Phobos crashes on Mars)
4. Astrobiology-The search for life in the universe (e.g. Make a drawing of a civilization that has developed a very high technological standard)

The deadline: 18 st March 2016

•This list is not exhaustive and any other development of ideas within the framework of the selected themes could be displayed based on the imagination of the pupils.
•The term “picture” can apply to images created by any medium either manually (drawing, painting, mosaics etc.) or electronically (photographs, drawings made with computer design programs etc.). Pictures not created electronically must be scanned and uploaded in one of the approved formats.
•Their entry must be submitted by an adult (by their teacher, family member or youth leader) online through the Odysseus II website.