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Małgorzata Kostecka - speech therapist (26.05.2018)

Humans brain is an organ that consists of two hemispheres: left - linguistic and right - non-linguistic. And although it’s a very generalized statement,  it should be added that these hemispheres cooperate closely and do not work in isolation, today we are most interested in the fact that the left hemisphere is responsible for receiving and creating language, i.e. speech. In a word - it is dominant for the speech function.

Małgorzata Kostecka – speech therapist (30.03.2018)

"To adults, childhood can seem like a carefree time. But kids still experience stress. Things like school and their social life can sometimes create pressures that can feel overwhelming for kids. As a parent, you can't protect your kids from stress — but you can help them develop healthy ways to cope with stress and solve everyday problems."

Małgorzata Kostecka - speech therapist (28.02.2018)

„There are few things more aggravating to parents than a kid who “doesn’t try.” Whether it’s math homework, dance class or those guitar lessons they begged for but now never practice, we want our children to be eager learners who embrace effort, relish challenges and understand the value of persistence.”

Małgorzata Kostecka – speech therapist (26.01.2018)

Handwriting is a complex skill that adults can take for granted. Most children are not ready for the complexity of the task until approximately 6 years of age while some children will be able to write prior to beginning school. Children of 9-10 age are focusing on the mechanics of handwriting and of 11-12 they are encouraged to personalise their own handwriting style.
             Those articles are about Handwriting milestones 5-6, 7-8, 9-10 and 11-12 years old children.

Handwriting milestones 5-6

Handwriting milestones 7-8

Handwriting milestones 9-10

Handwriting milestones 11-12


Michalina Biedrzycka- pedagogue, educational therapist (16.01.2018)