"Negotiating with your child is also beneficial for you.  Through this process you’ll learn what is important to your teenager and why.  Negotiation will allow you the opportunity to teach and learn from your child.  Simply put, you’ll get to know your child better through your negotiations."


Artur Lewandowski - psychologist (23.05.2017)


"Children have different ways of learning which the education experts have roughly grouped these into three basic styles – auditory, visual and kinaesthetic.
When parents know their child’s best way to learn, they can help their child learn more effectively. "


Małgorzata Kostecka - speech therapist (05.04.2017)

2016 03 Life of Pix free stock logs wood colors LEEROY“Successful imperfection is a different way of thinking of mistakes or imperfection. You can normalize mistakes and keep engaging in positive behavior that leads you toward your goal.”
You can read more about advantages and disadvantages of perfectionism in article that was published in “Psychology Today”, by Robert L. Leahy Ph.D.


Artur Lewandowski - psychologist (03.04.2017)

I encourage you to get ideas how you can help your child to build positive thinking about themselves.



Justyna Bilska - pedagogue, educational therapist (03.04.2017)


How to kindle your child's enthusiasm to learn? The key to this process is identifying and fortifying this connection in your children so what they will want to learn what they have to learn. I recommend the article Kindling Your Child’s Enthusiasm for School.

Agnieszka Wiankowska - psychologist (19.03.2017)