„The number of children with speech difficulties has leapt 70 per cent in six years (…). As many as 1.2million youngsters are now estimated to struggle with speech (…). The rise is being blamed on the growing use of screen-based gadgets as convenient ‘babysitters’ and a trend for hard-working parents to spend less time with their children.”


Małgorzata Kostecka – speech therapist (05.12.2016)

ecraryAll parents want their kids to get along with peers and siblings. Kids can cooperate if they have the skills. Elizabeth Crary describes in her book Kids can cooperate. A Practical Guide to Teaching Problem Solving. how to teach children the skills they need to solve conflicts themselves. I recommend.

Agnieszka Wiankowska - psychologist (04.12.2016)   





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"Necessary in the home, the yard, in kindergarten and in school. The necessary during activities of daily living, while having fun and while performing "serious" children's work. Necessary in the lives of children, youth and adults ... What is it? Concentration of attention. I would like to recommend the article, which presents the games  you can use to help your child to concentrate better :

Justyna Bilska - pedagogue, educational therapist (2.11.2016)

Interactive anti bullying video

Anti-bullying Week took place in EISG between 3rd and 10th October. I would like to recommend an interactive anti bullying film, which I watched with students during lessons. Watching that film together with your child is a great opportunity to talk about bullying. You can find there that film and other useful anti bullying materials:


Agnieszka Wiankowska – psychologist (19.10.2016)