2019 presidentIt is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we hear of the tragic death of Mayor Paweł Adamowicz.
You will forever be in our hearts.

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190113ortography newsToday Wiktoria from Grade 9 taught her colleagues about the complexity of the Polish ortography. After presenting the basic spelling rules, she engaged the students with a quiz. We all hope that this short revision will help Grade 9 avoid orthographical errors in their papers.





Anna Gostomska (13.01.2019)

190107thelordoflewaw newsIn the last days of December Grade 4 entered the fantasy world of Wokark (Kraków reversed - Wokark) ruled by a tyrant Lord of Lewaw (Wawel-Lewaw) and his hideous spiders. The students enjoyed reading about the adventures of Bartek-Ketrab who found out the truth about himself and helped the people of Wokark to defeat the Lord. Grade 4 also created their own fantasy cities and made colorful posters.




Anna Gostomska (07.01.2019)

swieta2018 ang

191220escaperoom newsOur sixth graders made an escape room about Thomas Edison for students from grades 7,8 and 9. They had to solve some riddles connected to maps, the periodic table of elements and mathematics. In the end, participants built and turned on a lamp. We had a lot of fun what you can see in the pictures.









Teresa Łepek (20.12.2018)