201024readingbreak newsOn October 20th, the students and teachers of our School indulged the passion of reading by participating in the international action "Reading Break". Its purpose is to break the record of simultaneous readers during a recess. Everybody brought their favorite titles: novels, short stories, feature article books, or poetry. Diving deep into the literary worlds we have widened our horizons and reading together strengthened the bonds that build the community of our School.






Bartosz Czech (24.10.2020)

201011madhattersday newsAs per tradition, all sorts of hats appear in our school in autumn - top hats, crowns, sombreros, and even piñatas. You can see them on all heads, big and small. Everybody proudly presented their unique, hand-made hats that would make Queen Elizabeth herself turn green with envy. You can take a look at them in our gallery.





Bartosz Czech (11.10.2020)

201003languagesday newsThe Annual Language Day at ISG was a delightful success, despite the challenges and restrictions of our world. Students watched many diverse video lessons sent by our wonderful parents who shared their mother tongue language with us. There were a total of 14 language videos sent in: Croatian, Hebrew, Hindi, Estonian, Shona, Rumanian, Portuguese, Maori, Japanese, French, Russian, Slovenian, Ukrainian, and Netherlandic (the language of Belgium). Students also had some Basic lessons on Duolingo, for one given language, in order to learn a little more about one specific language. All in all, teachers and students were excited and engaged in the day’s activities, and we are so grateful to our parents for their willingness support the uniqueness and diversity that make us who we are at ISG, and in the world.


Lori Farquhar (3.10.2020)

200926streetgames newsAs every year in our school, we were playing during the Street Games Event. Jumping rope, hopscotch, orientation games, chalk painting- that is what our pupils were doing that day. Wonderful weather just made this day even more fantastic. Thank you all for an amazing farewell for summer, great atmosphere and welcoming autumn together.





PE Teachers (26.09.2020)

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