Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
the secretary's office will be closed from 19 July to 30 July 2021.
Please contact us by e-mail: and


Szanowni Państwo,
w dniach 19 lipca - 30 lipca 2021 nastąpi przerwa wakacyjna w pracy sekretariatu.
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20210617ww2museumtrip 01On June 16th, grades 6 and 7 went for a trip to the World War II Museum. The students listened with attention and interest to the story about tragic events of those times. Every visitor leaves this place with many reflections. And the most important should be the one about what can be done so that such tragedy would never happen again.






Aleksandra Kotlewska (17.06.2021)

Dear Parents,

please return the textbooks and other books borrowed from the library on the following days:


16.06 (Wednesday): 

G7 from.7:30 to 8:30 (before their trip), 

G1 from 9:15, 

G2 from 11:45


17.06 (Thursday): 

G4 from 10:25, 

G5 from. 8:30, 

G8 from 9:15 

G3 from 12:20


18.06 (Friday)

G6 from 7:30 to 9:00  

and the Students who might have missed the deadlines above throughout the day (7:30-13:00). 


It is crucial that on the appointed day the Students have the complete set of textbooks with them.

In case you are not 100% sure which books the Student should return to the library please contact the Librarian directly:

We would also like to remind the Parents that they are obliged to buy back unreturned/lost textbooks.


Bartosz Czech (14.06.2021)

Please contact during the hours below. 

187452812 2541994376095030 2868863063930893393 n