swimmingcompetition2022 10On November 22nd, students of our school took part in swimming competitions organized by the Barrakuda Club at the Stogi swimming pool. Our swimmers have won a total of 8 medals. Huge congratulations to the participants for their courage and fight to the very end. „WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, my friend”!




Sebastian Kapeliński (06.12.2022)

festivaloflight2022On Tuesday, November 29, 2022, ISG celebrated its annual “Festival of Lights” event. Students in each grade researched, gained knowledge, and communicated their findings about various light festivals from around the world. Such worldwide celebrations, presented this year, included: Hanukkah from Israel, Diwali from India, Chinese Lantern Festival from China, St. Lucia and the Northern Lights from Sweden, Loi Krathong from Thailand, Fallas from Spain, St. Andrew’s from Poland and buildings from around the world which celebrate light, such as the Burj Kalifa. 
As part of our school-wide integration, mixed grades of students traveled to each classroom to experience the light festival there. and it was magical watching all of the students in the groups build relationships as caring individuals, open-minded in their learning, and being risk-takers as they presented their grade level’s chosen festival to the students in their groups. 
Lori Farquhar (03.12.2022)




Bartosz Czech (12.11.2022)

triptotorun 01Last week, the students of grades 5 - 8 went on a trip to Toruń, where historical sightseeing was combined with a dose of modern times, thanks to the visit to the Copernicus Science Center.

Check out the photos from the trip in our gallery


Bartosz Czech (12.11.2022)

rozprawajackasoplicy 10While discussing Adam Mickiewicz's Pan Tadeusz, the students of grade 8 decided to put to trial one of its characters - the notorious nobleman Jacek Soplica. The deeds of the poem's hero have led him from a life of a violent renegade to becoming an avid patriot, actively working to prepare the conflicted nobility for Napoleon's imminent arrival. Divided into two groups, the grade 8 students had to prepare evidence against Jacek's actions, which include his hand in the death of the Pantler Horeszko, as well as arguments to defend the man struggling to redeem his past. The trial was an excellent chance for the students to practice their skills in providing and defending their arguments. 




Bartosz Czech (12.11.2022)

fmd2022 08On Friday, the 28th of October, we held ISG's annual Friendly Monster’s Day. Students put on fantastic costumes and had lots of fun at the monster’s parade and enjoyed dancing at the monster disco. The most creative costumes were rewarded with sweet treats. 




Bartosz Czech (29.10.2022)

readingbreak2022On October 21st 2022 Our Students participated in the III international edition of Reading Break. The goal of this event is to promote reading among the students of schools across the globe. On this day the students of ISG as well as members of the staff read their favorite books during the breaks between lessons. The students were really excited to participate in the action. Such an event definitely brings them closer to the written word and the joys of reading. 




Bartosz Czech (22.10.2022)

valuesdayOn October the 10th 2022, Our School celebrated its first Values Day. We asked members of the school community about how they understand values such as respect, autonomy, commitment, etc. You will find their answers in the video below.


Values Day Video 


Bartosz Czech (11.10.2022)



Bartosz Czech (02.10.2022)