egzamin 8klasisty.pngOur 8th-graders have finally received their long-awaited exam results. Their hard work throughout all the years of elementary school education and intense revisions during the final stretch before the exam have paid off. Our students have received excellent results in English, Maths, and Polish, which will definitely help them during recruitment to high schools of their choice. Congratulations! 



Bartosz Czech (06.07.2022)



dziensportu 01On the 21st and 22nd of June our PE teachers: Mr. Sebastian Kapeliński and Mr. Mateusz Rydzak-Moc organized sports competitions as part of the Sports Day. On Tuesday the students were divided into two groups: NY and Sydney, in which they played a tournament in dodge ball. The students (but not only, because Ms. Teresa - a math teacher - decided to support the students from the Sydney group with her participation) took part in the competition with commitment, and the matches kept the spectators in suspense until the last seconds. The competitions took place with a nice, sporty atmosphere and great fun. In turn, the Paris group took part in sports physical activities on Wednesday, during which younger students competed in row races and played dodge ball. We hope that our students will not forget about physical activity during the holidays!




Sebastian Kapeliński (30.06.2022)

majamaratonczytelniczy2022We are happy to announce that the student of Grade 7, Maja,  was awarded in a  reading competition "Wielki Maraton Czytelniczy". Congratulations, Maja!
Anna Gostomska (22.06.2022)

greenschool2022 02During their Green School, the students of grades 6-8 visited amazing cites like Wroclaw, Kudowa-Zdrój and Prague. They also admired Rock City (Skalne Miasto) in Czech Republic. During the trip the students saw the dwarves statues in Wroclaw, learned about the historical background of Prague, visited the music park in Kudowa, and witnessed huge rocks monuments and waterfall in Rock City. Students were walking a lot but even if they were tired they enjoyed the trips. 






Aleksandra Czyżykowska (20.06.2022)

learningaboutcultureLast week, the students of grades 4, 6, and 7 had a chance to gain a deeper insight into what makes the culture that surrounds them. The students of grade 4 prepared and gave multimedia presentations about their identity and their culture. We learned about the cultural and natural heritage of their homelands. The students of grade 6 talked about their favorite books. They chose novels as well as comic books. Grade 3 students joined their lesson. The students of grade 7 took part in an educational project during their lesson in Polish. They learned about the texts of culture and the main task was to prepare and give a multimedia presentation about their favorite song with the analysis and interpretation of the text. Students of grade 8 and Grade 6  joined the lessons.



Anna Gostomska (11.06.2022)

isgtalentshow2022On June the 1st, International Children's Day, Our School held its annual Talent Show. Due to the pandemic-related lockdowns, it was the first live talent show in two years.  With their parents in the audience. our students did their best, presenting a variety of amazing skills - from singing and dancing to gymnastic performances and more. Being applauded by their classmates, teachers, and parents was the perfect Children's Day gift for our students and a wonderful school memory. 




Bartosz Czech (04.06.2022)

collageDue to the eight-graders exams, our younger students had to evacuate the school once again for much deserved short trips! During the trips they had an opportunity to try various different things, such as experiencing life in medieval times, taking a ferry through a canal, bowling, and more. You can take a look at the events of the last week in our gallery! 







Bartosz Czech (30.05.2022)

g6decisiontreeG6 made a poster of Decision Tree which is a tool using a tree-like model of decisions and their possible consequences. They used this model to discuss the decisions of Anne Shirley - the main character of Lucy M. Montgomery's novel - and then analyzed the pros and cons of certain Anne's choices.
Anna Gostomska (18.05.2022)

3d3tBetween 4th and 6th of May, our 12th-graders faced the Matura exam. At the same time, students in grades 1 to 8 had lots of fun during various trips. They played outdoors, facing the challenges of the Adventure Park and orienteering runs, visited historically interesting spots in Pomerania (including the Ethnographic Museum in Wdzydze and Gdansk’s Old Town), and had a good time at the movies and theater. The main appeal of this “longer” May weekend was a chance for the students to spend time and integrate with each other. 





Bartosz Czech (06.05.2022)

g7balladyna 03Last Friday, the students of G7 staged the story of Balladyna - a cruel lady thirsty for power. The main protagonist of the play kills her sister to win the raspberry picking contest and marry prince Kirkor. And so the murder madness and pursuit of power begin. The students were very excited about the play and prepared an amazing interpretation of one of the most important fragments of the tragedy. 






Anna Gostomska (30.04.2022)

swimmingcompetition 06On Wednesday 27.04, 42 students of our school took part in the 3rd Harbour Island Championships. It was a swimming competition in which we achieved great success!
We brought: 
- 8 gold medals
- 15 silver medals
- 10 bronze medals
Additionally, the team from grades 7&8 took part in the relay race and made 3rd place!
The competition was attended by 6 schools, 186 students so the successes are even more satisfying. Our students proved once again that they are risk-takers, open-minded and principled. Congratulations!
Aleksandra Czyżykowska (30.04.2022)