christmasconcert2021 17Last Friday our school has celebrate the yearly Christmas Concert. During the concert students of all grades sang the hit Christmas songs, such as Jingle Bell Rock, All I Want For Christmas Is You, and others. Students of grades 4 and 5 presented a dance routine prepared together with Ms. Ola Czyżykowska. The concert wrapped up with both students and teachers singing Shakin’ Steven’s classic – Merry Christmas Everyone! Check out our gallery for the photos of this amazing event. 




Bartosz Czech (15.01.2022)

In connection with the resignation as of 31.12.2021. of  Ms. Bożena Pawlak from the position of President of the Foundation's Board, the Council of Gdańsk Educational Foundation adopted resolution no. 4/2021 of 16.12.2021 on appointing Mrs. Ewa Czech as the President of the Board from 01.01.2022.

Ms. Ewa Czech - has over 30 years of experience in educational work. Since 2003 she has been connected with Gdańsk Educational Foundation, first as the director of Psychological and Pedagogical Center "Osiek", and then as a Representative of the Gdańsk Educational Foundation for Schools and Institutions, member of the Board and Council of Gdańsk Educational Foundation. Member of the Board and Council of the Gdańsk Educational Foundation. Graduate of studies in human resources management, public relations, community cooperation animation, and management of educational institutions. She pursued her professional development at, among others, the University of Gdańsk, the Gdańsk University of Technology, and Gdańsk School of Banking. Pedagogue and therapist.


zarządzenie 15122021 1

20211130festivaloflight 37Today, Our Students have celebrated the annual Festival of Light. Inspired by the Indian holiday of Diwali, our Festival of Light is dedicated to similar celebrations across the globe. Our students have prepared decorations and carried out informative lessons on various celebrations of light – the Hanukkah, Aomori Nebuta Matsuri, Fallas de Valencia, and more. They have even had a chance to learn about the effects of light on living organisms. You can see their brilliant efforts by following the link to our gallery below.





Bartosz Czech (30.11.2021)

20211118g6posters 04Recently the students of Grade 6 have been learning about the role of language in advertising, especially about the use of a written slogan that makes the product more memorable. As a result, they designed their own advert posters which perfectly combine the word and the image.







Anna Gostomska (18.11.2021)

20211117palmdrawing 01Grade 1 Students are now exploring the inquiry of our imagination and creativity. Check out our gallery for their super creative palm drawing.








Karolina Porzezińska (18.11.2021)

20211114polishdayisgOn November the 10th students of the International School of Gdansk celebrated Polish Day. On this occasion, they have honored the famous Poles past and present. The doors of classrooms were decorated with information about Polish writers, sportspeople, and statesmen who had great input in the Polish independence of 1918. Polish Day was the perfect chance to prepare for the Polish Independence Day that occurred the day after school celebrations. 






Bartosz Czech (14.11.2021)

20211105diadelosmuertos 01On November the 2nd, Grade 5 with Ms. Mire hosted in their classroom 'El Día de Los Muertos" - the Day of the Dead. They invited each class to tell them about the customs related to this important day in the Spanish-speaking world. Among food, music, and lots of colorful decorations, everyone was involved and had fun learning about the culture from other parts of the world.






Małgorzata Macierzanka (05.11.2021)

202131030fmdisg2021 1029th of October was a day of friendly spooking at our school during the annual Friendly Monster’s Day. Students put on fantastic costumes and had lots of fun at the monster’s parade. The best costumes were rewarded. The students could also take pictures at a friendly monster-themed photo booth. 







Bartosz Czech (30.10.2021)

20211030swimmingcompetition 09On 27.10.students from grades 1-8 represented our school during the swimming competition in the Stogi swimming pool organized by KS Barracuda. 6 schools participated in the competition. The ISG was represented by Liwia and Leo (Grade 1), Alex (Grade 2), Julia, Natalia,  Nina Sz, Charlie, Paweł, and Alicja (Grade 3), Marianna, Liliana, and  Emilia (Grade 4), Dorota,  Irina, Maja, and Janek (Grade 5), Wiktoria and Oskar (Grade 7). Each age group representing our school came back with medals!

Congratulations and a big applause for all those who have the courage to take part in the competition. Just participating and testing your own strength is a huge success!



Aleksandra Czyżtkowska (30.10.2021)