201208kręćkilometrydlagda01From September the 14th to November the 14th 2020, Our School participated in the annual, city-wide action “Kręć Kilometry Dla Gdańska”. Its goal was to motivate the citizens of Gdansk to ride bikes to work and school, whatever the weather. International School of Gdansk was represented by teachers Mr. Mateusz Rydzak-Moc, Ms. Teresa Łepek, and Ms. Gosia Macierzanka, students - Sebastian Nieżórawski and Olga Santoro - as well as Ms. Magda (who achieved the best score), Mr. Przemysław, and Ms. Ania. They managed to ride a cumulative number of over 5000 kilometers, placing 36 on the scoreboard. As a reward, they received occasional T-shirts, socks and other gifts.


ISG Team (08.12.2020)