20210214grade1 100day01Last Friday, grade 1 celebrated the 100th Day of School! They dressed up as if they were 100 years old, including walking slowly, and, in some cases, with canes! They also worked on a counting booklet, where they counted out 100, by 10’s and 5’s (using tally marks!). Then, they did Station Rotations, where they counted out 100 pieces of six different items: marbles, puffs, paper clips, craft sticks, paper pictures, and heart confetti. They shared the 100 items they brought from home (beans, pasta, groszy, stickers, and Pokémon cards). Mr. Dawid had a 100-Day workout for the class during PE, and Ms. Vanesa had counting to 100 in Spanish class, too! It was a wonderful and fun celebration!




Lori Farquhar (14.02.2021)