20180610 125800A group of pupils from Grade 7-10, accompanied by Mrs. Vanesa Molina and Mrs. Małgorzata Macierzanka, spent a week in Malaga. Living in Spanish host families, attending Spanish classes, taking part in additional activities as cooking, flamenco and boat trip was part of experience organised by Málaca Instituto. In addition to that, we visited incredible Caves of Nerja, had a treasure hunt in Malaga Centre, and “met” Picasso at his famous bench. Taking advantage of beautiful sunny weather we also spent time on the beach, by (and in) the swimming pool and in huge Torremolina Aquapark. Fun mixed with learning, Spanish food, culture and of course language - it was amazing experience that we will all remember, even more looking at the collection of sunny pictures.


Małgorzata Macierzanka (01.07.2018)