181017PE newsCollaboration is a very important skill in ours life. We can achieve much more and learn from others. When we work together we can integrate with each other and have fun! In the gallery you can see students from G2 during PE lesson.






Aleksandra Czyżykowska (17.10.2018)

181017experyment newsGrade 4 went on a trip all the way to Gdynia Experiment for a workshop about Vitamins. Despite the windy and wild weather on the day Grade 4 went to the museum. Our workshop was related to our current PYP Unit about the human body. We learnt more about how important vitamins are for us and why they are so important for us.






Dane Gerber (17.10.2018)

181014pinocchio newsOn Tuesday Oct. 9th Grade 4 was describing Pinocchio - the main character of Carlo Collodi's novel. It turned out that this wooden puppet is a fascinating marionette who has a lof of human features. The students tried to show their understanding of this character making various colorful portraits of Pinocchio.





Anna Gostomska (14.10.2018)

181005chesstournament newsOn Monday morning of the 10th, our school representative took part in a team chess tournament. Although there was great difference in levels and ages of chess participants we were competing against, we won a few matches. Thank you for your logic and physical effort to our school's representatives!





Mateusz Rydzak-Moc (5.10.2018)

181001languagesday newsOn Friday September 28th Grades 1 to 12 celebrated Language Day. During the week students had prepared posters about different countries in the world and during the "day" younger kids had some exercises and activities connected with the importance of speaking different languages, whereas older students who prepared projects about their countries, decorated the corridors and did the puzzle about Paris, London and the Morse Code alphabet.
During the school wide event, we had a parade with all the flags of countries we host at ISG and their most famous hits and we played quiz about the languages around the world, we had the competition: "How many languages do they speak?" in addition to a video speaking in our home languages.
A display with the posters made during the week was hanging in the gym and a posters voting took place during the day and the weekend. The final touch was enjoying the traditional dishes and chatting between parents, teachers, managers and of course, students.
It was a day of joy and enthusiasm that opens the School Year Events at ISG, as you can see in the pictures.

Vanesa Jimenez Molina (1.10.2018)