image4Few days ago Grade 3 went on a trip to Polish Association of The Blind. They had a chance to take part in the workshops about blind and people that have difficulties with seeing. They saw many helpful materials and books. It was a very useful experience and they definitely learned a lot.


Karolina Żyra (15.10.2017)

IMG 1871

mad hatters class 3bThis year Mad Hatter Day was celebrated within the ISG on Friday, October 6, 2017. Its not an official holiday, or even a charity event, but we celebrated the eccentric Hatter, a key character in Lewis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland. This unofficial day was created in 1986 in Boulder Colorado by a group of computer technicians who were inspired by the Hatter and his antics in the epic fantasy novel, and wore silly hats all day. The staff and students of the International school all love the story, thus decided to do the same. A photo wall was set up beside the library door, and everybody had fun.


David Calladine (11.10.2017)

IMG 0029Friday (29.09) celebration of Language Day started in the morning with children taking part in language based challenges – identifying languages of newspaper articles, saying tongue twisters etc. In the afternoon parents joined us in Gym to see box-flag parade concluded with tower construction. That was followed by various challenges involving both, students and our guests, as well as presentation of videos celebration our multilingual community. Delicious food prepared and brought by parents (huge thank you to all involved) let us finish the afternoon with a taste of other cuisines, while looking at art pieces inspired by country outlines. You can still have a look at them on the corridor next to the Dance Room.


Małgorzta Macierzanka (11.10.2017)

IMG 1902On Sept 29th our M/HISG students celebrated Language Day. They recorded a short video saying’ Hello’ in their native languages, named flags of European countries and competed in a word search quiz. However, it was learning some Arabic phrases that proved to have been a real challenge for them:) Since language is not the only way of communication, our students also learnt some basics of flag semaphore, texting abbreviations, body language and Morse code. Although decoding a message written by means of dots and dashes was not easy, Jurek G9 was the first person to do it. You can also have a go at it:

-. / - - - / . - -
. . / - . - / - . / - - - / . - -
- - / - . - -
. - - / - . . . / - . - .

Have fun


Edyta Żywicka (04.10.2017)