180928multiplicationday newsOur school participated in the 8th annual World Multiplication Table Day on the 28th of September. During that day students from grades 6 and 7  checked the multiplication knowledge of all EISG and MISG students. Each participant got some sweet reward and people with the best scores received medals. Congratulations! It was a really interesting event with a lot of fun. We hope that we will do it again next year!





Teresa Łepek (28.09.2018)

180917streetgames newsToday in our school we had a special event - Street Games. Each class had fun playing old school games in our playground. In the program we had - Hopscotch, Peek-a-boo, What's the Time Mr Wolf, Flag Tag and Hide and Seek. Grades  6-12 were helping in this event and were also preparing some of the games themselves. Enjoy the pictures. The students were very engaged and enthusiastic! Thanks to All!



Mateusz Rydzak-Moc (21.09.2018)

180919 100niepodleglosci 2 1Our school participates in the "100 greetings for the 100th anniversary of Independence" initiative, started by geography teachers from schools of various degrees and numerous places in Poland.

The main objective of the campaign is to commemorate the anniversary of Poland's regaining independence, promotion of the region from which the school originates, and educating the students about their "Little Homeland".

Our students will send greetings to one hundred schools in one hundred Polish cities, celebrating the 100th anniversary of regaining the independence, which will prove that Poles can celebrate national holidays in a positive way. In addition, they'll promote our school and our fantastic city of Gdansk throughout the country, as the greeting cards will contain a brief note about our school, a short geographical fact about the city and the postcard itself with the panorama of Gdansk. To conclude the initiative, we'll place all the received cards on of the map of Poland in our school.

We are ready to write the cards and eagerly await a hundred of greetings that will arrive to our school from all over Poland!




Adriana Budzisz (19.09.2018)

180912mhbrzeznotrip04On Friday, Grades 8-12 recaptured the spirit of summer with an outing to the beach in Brzezno. Our students got to catch up on what old friends have been doing since last year, and also make new bonds. After surf, sand, sunshine, we were also joined by our own Ms Agata for fine Italian cuisine!





James Gibbs (12.09.2018)

180911schoolyearbeginning02On September 3rd, bathed in sunlight, the school year 2018/19 was officially begun at ISG by students, teachers, parents and directors alike. Special Thanks to Lena and Zuzia for leading the ceremonies, and you can see in the pictures that anticipation was at the utmost level.






James Gibbs (11.09.2018)