191130fmd newsOn the last school day in October, the children in the ISG community exercised their imagination skills and participated within a very friendly monster day fashion parade. Before the performance, most of the lovely little monsters had passed the trick or treat quiz in the school library, posed for a fabulous picture in the photo booth, and all could tell their teachers what was so friendly about the monster that they had chosen.




David Calladine (30.11.2019)

191129youthclimatestrike newsToday, students in grades 6-9 participated in the Youth Climate Strike. We trust that we went there for a very important case, well prepared and in addition, we had fun, surrounded by young people from all over the Tri-City :) " RIKITIKI CHROŃ TROPIKI"






Adriana Budzisz (29.11.2019)

191105firstgradecelebration newsIn October, 1st Grade officially became a member of the ISG community. They presented their skills and talents and convinced all of the audience that they are perfectly suited for the job! After the performance and declaration of the oath our director, Ms Agata Kożuszek welcomed our little students. That was a very important and exciting day for our first graders!



Aleksandra Patalon (19.11.2019)

Dzień Pluszowego Misia plakat

Our school is proud to participate in the International Teddy Bear Day by supporting the “Mam Marzenie” Foundation collection of teddy bears and other items. The bears can be donated in the school library until November 14th 2019. Please bring only NEW AND UNUSED teddy bears, as well as books, board games and art supplies. Donated items will be provided to the children in oncological wards across the country.


Bartosz Czech (04.11.2019)

191104daycare newsGreen and Red morning daycare is a time for building, learning and getting ready for the school day!






Lori Farquhar (4.11.2019)