200219basketballlesson newsGrades 1-4 had a special first basketball lesson in Ergo Arena. We are very grateful to #StowarzyszenieTreflPomorze Trefl Sopot, Cameron Ayers, Carlos Medlock and all of Trefl Sopot.
Thank you for your engagement!





Mateusz Rydzak-Moc (09.02.2020)

200128iceskating newsJust before winter break, students from grades 4-9 went to the ice rink to feel a bit of winter. Some students were skating for the first time but they quickly understood what to do! There were some falls, but mostly smiles and blushes on the student's faces.





Aleksandra Czyżykowska (28.01.2020)


Students of Grade 5 recently investigated the mysteries in Secret Garden by F. H. Burnett. Pondering about the past of the Misselthwaite Manor and the main characters of the novel, our students made a creative and vivid poster, which presents their understanding of the text.




Anna Gostomska (30.12.2019)

191223nationalmuseumgdansk newsBefore Christmas Grade 3 had a trip to the National Museum in Gdańsk. We visited the Ethnography Department to make traditional Christmas crafts from wafers. We also decorated wooden Christmas trees. It was a very merry trip!





Karolina Porzezińska (23.12.2019)

have a wonderful