IMG 0823On 14 th of February we celebrated Heart Day in our school. The students could make a Valentine’s Day card and send it to someone in the schoool. Grades 1-6 also participated in our lovely games. They were playing the cupid game, fishing for hearts and even playing bingo. Everyone could also have their picture taken in our Valentine’s Day photo booth. The teachers that organized the event were: Karolina Żyra and Aleksandra Czyżykowska.


Karolina Żyra (17.02.2018)

20180212 094901On Monday our students had the pleasure to take part in workshops in the Shakespeare Theatre. They learned the connection between humanities and science for example in special effects, costumery and fake blood. They even prepared phantom sketches to be performed on stage! It was truly amazing and a lot of fun.


James Gibbs (17.02.2018)

break webLast Friday G7-9 had a good time taking part in different activities. While G9 was playing board games at school and then, admiring Beksiński exhibition at the Shakespeare Theater, G8 and 7 were desperately trying to get out of the Escape Room. Have a look at the photos :)


Edyta Żywicka (17.02.2018)

Zdj na stroneMs. Teresa and grade 5 are taking part in the prestigious program COMPETENCE FOR 6 organized by the Children's University Foundation in the school year 2017/2018.

The University Foundation has been organizing classes for the youngest students for 10 years, cooperating with the best scientists and specialists from various disciplines. Lesson scenarios are prepared based on academic classes. The materials are compatible with the core curriculum and guarantee attractive and interesting acquisition of knowledge – through experiments, analysis and drawing a conclusion.

Thanks to the program, grade 5 will:

- take part in 5 attractive lessons about various topics,

- develop social competences,

- learn how to work in a team and share tasks,

- develop the ability to think creatively and solve problems independently,

- take part in a contest (with Ms. Teresa),

- have a chance to participate in another school project.

Teresa Łepek (15.01.2018)