191031multiplicationday newsOur school participated in the 9th annual World Multiplication Table Day in October. During that day students from grades 7 and 8 with Miss Teresa checked the multiplication knowledge of all EISG and HISG students. Each participant got some sweet rewards and a medal. We had a lot of fun, therefore we cannot wait for next year's edition!




Teresa Łepek (31.10.2019)

191030tymbarkcup newsOur school and preschool have participated in the XX edition of the football TYMBARK Cup.
Here are some numbers:
From Grades 0-6 were playing 22 students.
We shot 12 goals.
We played 10 matches.
The team under 12 got 3rd place, winning with British International School and the Young Wolves teams.
Thank You for the engagement, cheering and fun!



Mateusz Rydzak-Moc (30.10.2019)

191029sportsopot newsOn Tuesday, 22nd of October, grades 5 and 6 visited the athletic stadium in Sopot for PE lesson. It was a great opportunity to check themselves in various athletic games and in addition, a summary of the PYP unit for grade 5. Students competed in the long jump, high jump, shot put and running for 100 meters. Some of them made their personal best. Moreover, beautiful weather helped us to make this day so successful.




Aleksandra Czyżykowska (29.10.2019)

191027klockownia3klasa news

On Friday, 18th October Grade 3 went to the integration workshops in Klockownia. Each group had to build particular room using blocks: kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom. They could not speak - they had to find different ways to communicate. That was quite a challenge! Later, students had time for free play.





Karolina Porzezińska (27.10.2019)

On Friday 11th October our school was celebrating the Language Day. It was great opportunity to learn new words in different languages as well as try traditional food from different places in the world.

Thanks to all Parents and Students who helped us making this day so special.

Beautiful flags students made by themselves represent all nationalities we are currently having in our school.
We will be proud to hang them somewhere in school as a reminder of this great day.


Karolina Porzezińska