Agnieszka Nowicka - El Sahli (07.12.2017)

24899865 1359474490828870 670519311854479515 nThe Festival of Light was held in our school on November 28th. We started our adventure with pouring wax to predict our future. ISG students and their parents had the opportunity to learn about the legend of Saint Lucy, Diwali, Hanukkah, Advent, Saint Martin's legend, Saint Andrew, Chinese New Year, Japanese Festival of Lights (Obon),Superheroes who use light, the best Christmas light decorations around the world, party lights, photosynthesis and the optic illusion. Each grade prepared something special for their guests like games, quizzes and other surprises. The Shadow Theatre was prepared by EISG pupils and with the laser show were the culmination of the Festival. In the end we lit sparklers in front of our school together.


Teresa Łepek (06.12.2017)

Festival of Light invitation

IMG 0843In November Grade Four went on a fascinating trip to the Emigration Museum in Gdynia. Despite the distance we had to travel to get there it was nothing quite like the travel that people went through in the past. We learnt about the people who travelled to America and other places in the world on the Trans-Atlantic liners. It must have been horrible to be travelling in the third class. We read that up to 100 people could be crammed in one room and that when they became sea sick it was indeed a ghastly place to be. It makes Economy Class travel on an aeroplane sound like a dream! But boy oh boy it must have been exciting to reach Ellis Island and New York. Also we learned that the world has become a much smaller place since those times and immigrating is a lot easier now than it was back then. Definitely a trip worth while and a recommended musuem for those interested in Polish history.


Dane Gerber (19.11.2017)

all90 inside voicesOn 13th of October 13 students officially joined the community of International School of Gdansk.
Brave First Graders proudly presented in front of their parents and teachers their programme which
proved, that they are truly ready to deal with rights and responsibilities of an elementary school
student. After making the School pledge, our headmaster Agata Kożuszek confirmed First Graders to
be fully-fledged students of International School of Gdansk with a symbolical gesture.


Bernadeta Węzeł (14.11.2017)