191027klockownia3klasa news

On Friday, 18th October Grade 3 went to the integration workshops in Klockownia. Each group had to build particular room using blocks: kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom. They could not speak - they had to find different ways to communicate. That was quite a challenge! Later, students had time for free play.





Karolina Porzezińska (27.10.2019)

On Friday 11th October our school was celebrating the Language Day. It was great opportunity to learn new words in different languages as well as try traditional food from different places in the world.

Thanks to all Parents and Students who helped us making this day so special.

Beautiful flags students made by themselves represent all nationalities we are currently having in our school.
We will be proud to hang them somewhere in school as a reminder of this great day.


Karolina Porzezińska

Parents of ISG,

we would like to remind you, that due to the Conference organized by the Gdańsk Educational Foundation and Gdańsk Autonomous Highschool, on the 30th of September the school will be closed.

ISG Team

190926streetgames newsOn the 16th of September in our school and preschool was the Street Games event. Every group of pupils had a chance to play old games: hide and seek, capsule race, classes and others.






PE Teachers (26.09.2019)

190922dotday newsLast Friday Grades 1-5 celebrated International Dot Day. This event is performed all around the world on the 15 th of September. The celebration is named for the classic Peter H. Reynolds storybook The Dot. The book shares the story of a girl Vashti who begins a journey of self-discovery after a caring art teacher challenges her to “make her mark”, i.e. to discover what she is good at and then follow up and see where her talent will take her. We also wanted to encourage our students to show their talents, creativity and confidence throughout the whole new school year! Good luck!




Anna Gostomska (22.09.2019)