na str forestOn 24 May, grade 6 had spent their nature lesson on a trip to the Tricity Landscape Park. Both, the weather and our mood were very good. Surrounded by the fresh spring greens, we could listen to birds singing, watch ants and butterflies, eat something, or even play volleyball. We managed to find a few hidden treasures, but can't share the details, as it's a piece of classified information :) On Friday, the whole Middle and High International School of Gdansk followed the grade 6 footsteps on a similar trip. Can anyone deny the awesomeness of having your lessons in the bosom of nature? :)


Adriana Budzisz - Orłowska (01.06.2017)

IMG 1101On Friday grades 4-6 took a part in life history lesson. Our guest Mr. Adam Zwoiński (coordinator of reconstruction) showed our children many details of polish army in XVIIIth century. Pupils tried to carry heavy guns and for a moment feel like a real soldiers.


Kamil Kucharski (28.09.2017)

ugnastroOn May 19th students of classes 9-11 Middle and High International School of Gdansk took part in literary workshops organized by the Department of Modern Philologies ​​at the University of Gdansk. The event opened with a show prepared by students of various philologies. Post apocalyptic art was exhibited in eight languages. Then we took part in creative writing workshops conducted by lecturers from the University of Gdańsk. The culmination of the day were delicious pancakes in a restaurant near the campus.

Izabela Tereszkiewicz (27.05.2017)

plakat festiwal nauki popDear ISG!

On behalf of the Astronomical Observatory, I would like to invite you to join us during the Baltic Festival of Science, which is taking place in Gdańsk from 24 to 28 May 2017. The festival offers many attractions for children as well as for adults. We invite you to join us at the observatory on 26th of May (20:00) or on 27th of May (10:00) on the event called “ The Universe painted with (in)visible paints” (in Polish) which will be given in Ł3 classroom of GSA (Autonomic School of Gdańsk). During this event we will show many experiments about the light and we will tell yu why it is important to observe the Universe in all possible colors. In the case of favorable weather after the lecture, we will enjoy observations of Jupiter and spring constellations. Please, see the details of the events on our page:

Bogna Pazderska (27.05.2017)

europanastrOn the 17th of May, we celebrated the Europe Day with the Middle and High school students. On the very same day, the Norwegians celebrated the Feast of the Constitution. Even though our celebration came a little late, we believe that every time is right to appreciate our old good Europe. The students, assigned into groups, were asked to mark on the maps prepared for this occasion as many European countries as they only could. Some of them successfully flagged every single European country! The students took part in the European quiz, and finally, they created the map of Europe composed of 49 A4 sheets and marked European cities with the emblems of some of the best football clubs of our continent! Long live Europe!


Adriana Budzisz-Orłowska (20.05.2017)