20180610 125800A group of pupils from Grade 7-10, accompanied by Mrs. Vanesa Molina and Mrs. Małgorzata Macierzanka, spent a week in Malaga. Living in Spanish host families, attending Spanish classes, taking part in additional activities as cooking, flamenco and boat trip was part of experience organised by Málaca Instituto. In addition to that, we visited incredible Caves of Nerja, had a treasure hunt in Malaga Centre, and “met” Picasso at his famous bench. Taking advantage of beautiful sunny weather we also spent time on the beach, by (and in) the swimming pool and in huge Torremolina Aquapark. Fun mixed with learning, Spanish food, culture and of course language - it was amazing experience that we will all remember, even more looking at the collection of sunny pictures.


Małgorzata Macierzanka (01.07.2018)

pypLast school week brought the opportunity to pupils of grades 1-4 to present the summary of this year learning to their parents during individual PYP Conferences. Grade 5 students faced more challenging task - inviting all school community to the PYP Exhibition. Parents, teachers and younger students could see the result of Grade 5’s inquiry within unit “Sharing the planet”. Two lines of inquiry developed by pupils were: deforestation (areas, reasons, consequences for habitats, ways to prevent it) and native tribes (settlements, traditions, their right for independence). Results of the inquiry were shown on big display boards and presented by students during the Exhibition. The event was the first ever ISG summary of learning in PYP programme, and as required by IB will become an annual school event.On behalf of Grade 5 pupils, I would like to thank you who supported and visited our PYP Exhibition.


Małgorzta Macierzanka (01.07.2018)

IMG 2183This week G 9-11 spent two wonderful days on the Sobieszewo Island. The weather was perfect so
we strolled along the coast searching for amber or just lay on the beach. Campfire and barbecue in
the evening as well as some indoor games we played inside the hotel put us in a good mood and
made everybody feel relaxed:)


Edyta Żywicka (17.06.2018)

IMG 4679Lately, the community of ISG celebrated International Book Day. Students dressed up as their favorite literary heroes. Each grade had own presentations. They presented their
classes as a book. Grade 5 th presented the film in which they showed interesting results of their survey regarding reading books by students and teachers. In the library, we were
collecting books published after 2012 for charity purpose.


Aleksandra Kotlewska (15.05.2018)


On May 12, 2018 at 10.00 at the International School of Gdansk, Sucha 29 in Gdansk, free educational workshops will be held for children aged 4-6 with a native speaker and a PYP teacher.

The organizers cordially invite you.