Resized 20170508 121148On May 8th we celebrated Sport Day. The Olympic Games contestants: Paweł Kołodziński and Łukasz Przybytek (sailing 49er) and a medalist Piotr Myszka (windsurfing) visited our school to talk about their sporting life, training and competitions. We were able to admire some of their medals and trophies and then, our Middle and High students had a go at their regular exercises, which proved not to be easy at all! Moreover, elementarny school pupils interviewed our guests asking them many interesting questions e.g: How many times have you fallen into water? or How long have you been training? or - one of the hardest: How many medals have you won so far? There was also a small boat "Optimist" presented, the one that is often used by the beginners while starting their sailing adventure. At the very end of the day, our Middle and High students and teachers played a volleyball match, which ended in a draw 1:1. It was a very exciting day!


Aleksandra Czyżykowska, Edyta Żywicka (08.05.2017)

20170428 100218Elementarny school pupils represented ISG during swimming competitions organized by Aquastation a week ago. The biggest achievement was the 3rd place of Ksawery Soćko grom Grade 2 and the 4th place of Marcel Surmacz from Grade 6 who swam both crawl and backstroke and who missed podium chance by less than a second! In overall classification our school came eighth.


Aleksandra Czyżykowska, Edyta Żywicka (07.05.2017)

Zoo1On the 24th of April Grade 3 from Elementary School of Gdansk went on a trip to Gdansk Zoo. We went there as part of our PYP Unit Sharing the Planet as we were studying the life cycles of animals. Fortunately, the rain and wind stayed mostly away during the day and we saw lots of different animals. The highlight of the trip was being able to feed the giraffes with our hands. Much thanks to the parents who helped us on this day.

Dane Gerber (07.05.2017)

earthdaynastrThe Elementary International School of Gdansk celebrated the Earth Day on April 21st. To get closer to nature, all children from grades 1 to 6 spent one full lesson in the school garden. They tirelessly weeded the garden and then planted fruit bushes, flowers, radishes, cucumbers, chives and oregano. The children were curiously watching the snails that came out after the rain and the earthworms that loosen and aerate the soil in our garden. The final touch to the Earth Day celebration was a beautiful painting on a white sheet created by the students from the grades 4 to 6, which we were very proud of.


Adriana Budzisz-Orłowska (06.05.2017)

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