On May 12, 2018 at 10.00 at the International School of Gdansk, Sucha 29 in Gdansk, free educational workshops will be held for children aged 4-6 with a native speaker and a PYP teacher.

The organizers cordially invite you.


IMG 0681Over recent days grades 7-11 went on a trip to the Tatra Mountains. Palenica Białczańska, Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza, Morskie Oko, Dolina Białego, Czerwona Przełęcz, Sarnia Skała and Steżyska Valley are no longer alien to us. There was also time to sight-see in Zakopane. The beautiful mountain scenery and indeed the weather, which despite the ominous assurances from Wojtek Chryc-Gawrychowski that a storm was imminently approaching, both delivered 100 percent, and made the trip a success.


Izabela Tereszkiewicz, James Gibbs (27.04.2018)

IMG 6312On Tuesday the 17th of April Grade Four went on a trip to the Archeological Museum in Gdansk. We learnt about what archeologists do and what they look for (man made artefacts). After our lecture we walked around the museum which has lots of interesting artefacts from Gdansk and the surrounding areas. We then went for a walk around Gdansk Old Town to see how much the city is changing at the moment. There is so much building and construction going on, especially around the river. At the end of the trip, Mr Dane bought everyone ice-cream for their excellent behaviour on the trip. We look forward to our next trip.


Dane Gerber (27.04.2018)

IMG 20180418 121659Today 18th of April, grades 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 & 11 went to a trip to Gdynia to visit the aquarium and we had a lot of fun. We were also eating pizza, ice creams and enjoying the weather!
We are so ready for the season to come ;)


Vanesa Molina (18.04.2018)

IMG 0516Yesterday Grade 7 went on a trip to a parrot zoo and the beach. Our students had the opportunity to feed, touch and learn a lot about nature, as well as the habits and preferences of many species of birds.The parrots were very co-operative with our students, gracefully allowing to be pet, and even perching on their shoulders. The culmination of the trip was a nice lunch together over pizza.


Izabela Tereszkiewicz, James Gibbs