It’s a dream of many children to go on board of a gigantic ship. We made this dream come true! Last Monday we visited Stena Baltica ferryboat. We learnt a lot of interesting facts about the sea and crew’s everyday life. We even visited the bridge where Jay could ask the captain if the ferryboat is ‘whale-resistant’ :).

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People often ask which came first – a chicken or an egg, whereas ISG’s students ask themselves is it a chicken or… earrings! During our creative felting workshop older girls learnt how to turn pieces of wool into beautiful jewelry. Younger children had lots of fun making Easter decorations. Check our photos and choose your favorite piece of art!

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On the 15th of March our students were magically transformed into real virtuosos. Having taken part in the educational concert organized by The Polish Baltic Philharmonic they learnt a lot about brass instruments. Can you recognize a French horn or a tube? Do you know the difference between a trumpet and a trombone? If you have any doubts – ask our children!

You'll find more photos in the ISG gallery.

‘Don’t you get dirty! Wash your hands! Don’t touch that!’ Isn’t that what parents and teacher usually say? Not at ISG – that’s for sure! Our children plant vegetables and herbs, tend their own garden and from time to time… they even get dirty. If you want to see how much they enjoy doing that take a look at some photos.

On Monday students of ISG said goodbye to winter. We prepared a traditional effigy of Marzanna, packed her suitcase with snow, frost and winter clothes and sent her home (wherever it might be). Marzanna swam happily away and brought us a lot of sunshine in return! You are welcome to take a look at photos from this event in the ISG gallery.