Do you remember Christmas Fair and amazing cards we were selling? Thanks to some generous parents and teachers we managed to collect a lot of money and buy some nice presents for autistic children in Letnica. Today, assisted by our friends from GASP, we visited our neighbours and gave our gifts. It was an emotional experience which will stay in our hearts for a very long time. You'll find photos from this visit in the ISG Gallery.



A group of lions, tigers, snakes, turtles and mice escaped from the zoo and attacked International School of Gdansk last week! Or was it just a group of happy preschoolers, who inspired by the play ‘Crazy Zoo’ and their Drama teachers, transformed into wild animals just for a while? Watch the pictures in our gallery and decide for yourself.

Students of ISG are never lazy! Not only do they go to the theatre, but they also have a small theatre project of their own. In Drama classes, which are run by Ms. Kamila Ordowska and Ms. Marta Brzywcy, students become actors, script writers and directors. Last Wednesday our youngest group acted out some scenes from their favourite books. They worked hard but more importantly… they had loads of fun. More in our image gallery.

There's nothing better than pizza and friends, and we had a fun day recently with friends...making pizzas! We each took one dough, stretched and shaped it into small pies. Then, we ladled sauce over the dough and topped it with our favorite toppings: tuna, ham, olives, peppers,  pepperoni, cheese and tomatoes.  The pizzas were terrific!!! A big thank you to our Chef Bartosz who made it all possible! :)

You're welcome to take a look at photos and a video in the ISG Gallery.

Where in Gdansk can you find lions, elephants, leopards, seals, monkeys, turtles, crocodiles, kangaroos, giraffes, snakes, penguins, pelicans, ostriches as well as rhinoceros and buffalos? No, not in the zoo – in the ‘Crazy Zoo’ a classic revue performed by the Miniatura Theatre! On the 1st of March our students could see lots of amazing performances, catchy songs and funny skits presented by all those crazy animals. And as to the penguins… we liked the purple one the most! You are welcome to browse through photos from this event in the ISG gallery.