On the 5th of October, Grade 0 and Preschool went for a walk to see the nearby PGE Arena Stadium. Even though the walk required a lot of strength, all the students did very well. The huge amber stadium made a great impression on us. Check the gallery to see if you like it too!



As our older colleagues prepared for their big day -- First Grade Induction --  we decided to do something special for them and their guests.  Look in our photo gallery to see what it was. One word says it all: "delicious!"




On October 5th ISG students had a close encounter of the third kind with a monster! It was ugly, smelly and green but managed to mesmerize everybody nonetheless! First graders with their older friends from the fifth grade went together to the Musical Theatre in Gdynia to see ‘Shrek’ – the musical about a magical quest of an unlikely hero and his loyal (even if a bit tiresome) steed, disguised as Donkey. Students sighed with beautiful Princess Fiona, laughed at diminutive Lord Farquaad and cheered at the sight of a gigantic love-sick dragon. A repertoire of catchy songs was just a nice addition to this superb comedy. If you are still hungry for more and want to discover where our students disappeared just before the play - do not forget to take a look at our gallery!


Autumn has finally come. The weather has changed drastically – it’s rainy and cloudy. However, these changes haven’t affected the moods of ISG students. They remained positively active and actively positive. Grade 0 is working hard exploring people and animals made of chestnuts, acorns and leaves. It’s enough to have a look at the Grade 0 classroom to feel their love for fall (did they fall in love with fall?) At the same time, Ms. Kamila’s students are getting ready for their big day – Grade 1 Induction! Songs, decorations, whispers of excitement... They all suggest that great fun is coming soon to ISG. When it comes to Grade 5 – it’s business as usual. Their heads are full of ideas, their bodies constantly in movement and their mouths never stop talking. But that’s what makes the ISG building so full of life even in unpleasant weather.

ISG students are having so much fun during their swimming classes! The swimming lessons are designed to be fun, using lots of games and themes. The swimming instructor teaches basic skills such as breath control, buoyancy, and arm and body movements in the water environment. Swimming students must feel safe and learn safety.

Later we will progress to more advanced skills such as floating, gliding, kicking, and finally swimming strokes. It will take some time. As we were leaving the swimming pool, the youngest ISG students shouted happily, “We LOVE swimming!”Visit our gallery to see more!