28th of October was a very special day in ISG. In the morning classes students learnt about different celebrations and traditions from all around the world connected with commemorating the dead. Teachers and students talked about love and respect which are crucial for those November celebrations but also debunked myths surrounding the supernatural. In the afternoon however, our school was transformed into ‘International School of Magic’ with some fa-BOO-lous games and activities. If you are not scared, take a glance at pictures from this event.



On the 2nd of November to commemorate All Saint’s Day and All Souls’ Day, our pupils and preschoolers went to one of the nearby memorial sites. You are very welcome to our gallery to see photos of our little trip.




On Thursday, Oct 27, ISG students took an active part in an African art workshop. They listened to African stories written and illustrated by Dominique Mwankumi, an internationally known artist from the Kongo.  The students viewed drawing and painting techniques used by the artist. Finally, they had a chance to express themselves and paint their own illustrations. Knowing our students’ character and curiosity it’s not a surprise that at the end of the workshop they were interviewed! Visit our gallery to see the pictures.



On 26th of October at the International School of Gdansk people from various religions forgot about all the differences among them and got together to celebrate Diwali- the festival of lights. Diwali is one of the biggest festival of Hindus, celebrated with great enthusiasm and happiness in India. It is the festival of joy, happiness and ….fireworks and sweets! A big thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Sharma for helping us in making this day so special! You are very welcome to see the movie!



Our young children have officially moved into the next step, First Grade: a year with new challenges to deal with. As they move into their respective tomorrows, so bright with goals already achieved and more dreams to still aspire to, we say to them: “Enjoy being first graders today with all your heart and soul. Hold onto your gift of finding everything in nothing, of not only seeing seven wonders in the world - but several thousand. Work hard and play straight and may you stay – in your spirit and soul – forever young!” More pictures in our gallery.