IMG 1939I am happy to inform you that Alekss Eriksone G9 qualified for the regional round of the English Language Competition for Middle school students. Alekss, we keep our fingers crossed for you and we wish you further successes!

Edyta Żywicka (4.12.2017)

IMG 1942It’s a pleasure to announce that Katie Gutaj and Marcin Macierzanka G7 qualified for the next round of the English Language Competition organized by the Board of Education for Pomerania Province. Congratulations and good luck in the regional stage!

Edyta Żywicka (4.12.2017)

On October 20 2017, the first stage of the curatorial competition from Geography for Middle School classes took place. Success for two of our students, Jerzy and Wojtek Chryc Gawrychowski, have qualified to the second level, which will take place on 15th of December. We'll all keep our fingers crossed!

Adriana Budzisz - Orłowska (19.11.2017)

IMG 1558We are very happy to announce that our student - Marcin Macierzanka got 110/120 points in the International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest (IKMC). The grade 6th student won the book prize and received a diploma. Congratulations!

Teresa Łepek (28.05.2017)

IMG 1013We are very happy to announce that a Grade 6 student - Marcin Macierzanka qualified for the last stage of Math competition organised by the Department of Education of Gdańsk. Our student got 19/20 points (95%). We congratulate Marcin and wish him good luck in the final stage of the competition.

Teresa Łepek (01.01.2017)