It's pleasure to show you the Świetlik competition results. The science competition was organized by the Fundacja Akademia Młodych Odkrywców.  Elementry International School of Gdansk has three distinction in the competition: Zofia Pelak, Ksawery Soćko (grade 1) and Antoni Pielak (grade 3). Here are the results:

Klasa 1
Maksymilian - dyplom udziału w konkursie
Aleksandra - dyplom udziału w konkursie
Zofia  - wyróżnienie
Julia - dyplom udziału w konkursie
Ksawery - wyróżnienie

Klasa 2
Michalina - dyplom udziału w konkursie
Mikołaj - dyplom udziału w konkursie
Kornelia - udziału w konkursie
Zosia - dyplom udziału w konkursie

Klasa 3
Wiktoria - dyplom udziału w konkursie
Antoni -  wyróżnienie

Klasa 4
Alexander - dyplom udziału w konkursie

Klasa 5
Marcin - dyplom udziału w konkursie

Klasa 6
Maciej - dyplom udziału w konkursie

Aneta Pospiech (14.06.2016)

 Back in April our Grade 6 students sat to their offical Grade 6 test. The results have just arrived to school and what a results they are! 

Across all three subjects boys performed extremely well and much above the regional average, reaching almost 100%! 


Results of sprawdzian 2016

Their hard work this year paid off. Well done! Big thank you to the boys and to the teachers who supported them in their learning. Congratulations!

Małgorzata Macierzanka (30.05.2016)

Janko's soccer team came first in the football tournament of Brazillian Soccer Schools in Częstochowa.

Miriam Marosiova (23.05.2016)


In the winter edition of the English Competition “Olimpus” our students were in the top 12! *

*(with over 4500 students taking part in it)

Magdalena Hełminiak (19.04.2016)

IMG 1546

IMG 1548

IMG 1545

We are happy to inform that last week one of our Students from Grade 1 - Nikodem Piask with His team - has won the 3rd place in the Ice Hockey Tournament.

Congratulations, Nikodem :)

Karolina Kopińska (12.04.2016)

IMG 5493

IMG 5483