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Krzysztof Macierzanka has been awarded a title of LAUREATE of the Middle School Language Competition organized by the Board of Education for Pomerania Province! About 2000 students entered the competition at a school stage, but only 1 in 5 qualified for a semi - final, among them 3 of our students: Krzysztof Macierzanka, Julia Glińska and Vladimir Gąsior. Krzysztof was successful enough to reach the Grand Finale where he competed with the best students of Pomeranian Middle Schools and got one of the top scores in the test.  As a school, we are extremely proud of his achievement and we are happy to have Chris among our students!

Edyta Żywicka (22.03.2016)

In November 2015 our students took part in Mythology Competition Olimpus. Congratulations to all Grade 7-9 students, but especially to Jerzy and Wojtek Chryc-Gawrychowscy from Grade 7 who became laureates of this competition! Let's hope next year our pupils will be also successful!

Anna Gostomska (11.02.2016)














Diego and Marcin (Grade 5),  took part in a module origami competition organised by University of Gdansk. Their creations (indicated by arrows) were awarded and are now displayed at the Math and Physics Department of UG. Award ceremony took place during Maths workshops at Technical University of Gdansk (read more). Well done and congratulations!

Origami exhibition



Synchronized Ice Skating DiplomaKornelia Soćko (Grade 2) has been awarded 3rd place in Poland's Synchronized Ice Skating Championships, January 2016.

As a school, we're very proud to be able to celebrate her achievements. Well done Kornelia. A fantasic achievement!

Kevin Reilly (09.02.2016)

Synchronized Ice Skating Poland

All grade 5 and 6 students took part in an autumn edition of English competition Olimpus. Our result were great! Look at our happy students and their diplomas (and even one book prize)! We are still waiting for the results of a winter edition of this competition; hopefully, more successes are yet to come!

Magdalena Hełminiak (02.01.2016)