babysitterslittlesisterKaren is the younger sister of Kristy, the main character in the Ann Martin series of novels, The Babysitters Club. Though Karen is rather small, her problems are quite big; in the graphic novels by Katy Farina, she will have to face the witch next door, a broken wrist and the consequences of a really unlucky day. However, thanks to the support of family and friends, Karen always finds a way out of even the most difficult situations!


Bartosz Czech (21.10.2022)

rideon 01rideon 02Ride On is a story about Victoria, whose lack of passion for competitive riding has caused a rift between her and her friends and  forced her to change riding schools. At the new place, she will learn that passion comes and all shapes and sizes and true firends will stick with you no matter how different your hobbies are. This graphic novel by bestselling author Faith Erin Hicks is a perfect recommendation for readers who love horses and warm stories about friendship and courage to follow your own path. 

Bartosz Czech (07.10.2022)

booksonhabitatToday we celebrate World Habitat Day. For the less informed, a short explanation - habitat means a system of specific living conditions or a location of a given species. Habitats include forests, fields, meadows, rivers, lakes, etc. The goal of World Habitat Day is to draw attention to the need to protect these unique places, which are particularly vulnerable to climate change and human intervention. In our library you will find many titles devoted to various habitats - we encourage you to check them out!


Bartosz Czech (03.10.2022)

rabbitdayreadingI don't know if you know, but today, on September the 26th, we celebrate the International Rabbit Day! First established in Great Britain, the day is meant to promote the care for and the protection of rabbits - both running wild and those quite domesticated. On this occasion, the ISG library recommeds a few books about our long-eared friends. Firstly - How to Look After Your Rabbit, in which Colin and Jaqui Hawkins present the history and methods of caring for rabbits in a humoristic way. Nick Butterworth's short story The Cross Rabbit tells of the titular moody rabbit and his "mice" problem. In Cori Doerrfeld's A Królik Słuchał (The Rabbit Listened), the importance of having someone who will listen to us when we're dealing with difficult emotions takes the center stage. 

These books and more can be found in our library. 


Bartosz Czech (26.09.2022)

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