Agata Kożuszek 

School Director

A graduate of Polish philology and postgraduate studies in the field of management of education and educational policy. She also completed courses in business psychology and cultural studies. For 9 years she was the director of the Autonomic Middle School of Gdansk, for 13 years she was associated with the schools of the Gdansk Educational Foundation as a teacher of Polish language, culture and homeroom teacher.


Wojciech Błaszkowski

Managing director

A graduate of Master's and PhD economic studies at the University of Gdańsk. He also graduated from the Academy of Physical Education in Gdańsk. For several years he worked as a high school teacher and as an academic lecturer. He also carried out his professional interests in the subject of finance and auditing. For 10 years associated with education management in Gdansk.


Małgorzata Kilian - Pieczonka 

PYP Coordinator

A graduate of Polish philology with a specialization in speech therapy and theatrology. Diploma of the College of Foreign Languages, postgraduate studies in HR and management of education. She has completed the Primary Years Program coordinator course and a number of international training programs. Director of the International Preschool of Gdansk. Previously she was associated with the Gdansk Educational Foundation as a staff of the Psychological and Pedagogical Therapy Centre "Osiek".


Joanna Jefimik 

Administration manager

A graduate of master's studies in the field of Geography and Regional Studies at the University of Lodz. She gained her work experience during a long-term stay in Manchester, U.K. working for international corporations. In 2017, she returned to Poland permanently, choosing Gdańsk as her place for life.

patalon male

Aleksandra Patalon

Grade 1 homeroom teacher

A graduate of pedagogy and protective and educational pedagogy. Also a graduate of postgraduate studies in preschool and early school education. She worked in various preschools in Gdańsk. She participated in a number of Primary Years Programme trainings.


Bernadeta Węzeł

Grade 2 homeroom teacher

A graduate of pedagogy and postgraduate studies in early education. She is a coach of the Odyssey of the Mind. She has worked with children in Britain, France and in Poland as a teacher in an English-speaking kindergarten and an English teacher in a primary school. 


Lori Farquhar

Grade 3 homeroom teacher

A graduate of Elementary Education from the University of Northern Colorado and postgraduate Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction in Reading with an emphasis in Elementary Education from Grand Canyon University. She gained her experience teaching at Imagine Charter School at Firestone, in Colorado, and cultivated a love of Poland during numerous trips, combining passion with work.


Dane Gerber 

Grade 4 homeroom teacher, music, and English teacher

He graduated from Macquarie University with a Master of Arts degree in English Literature and Music. He later
received a master's degree in education at the University of Western Sydney. He worked as a teacher and educator in schools in London and Sydney. For over a dozen years he taught children and young people how to play the piano.


Małgorzata Macierzanka

Grade 5 homeroom teacher, biology teacher

Doctor of biochemistry. A graduate of the Intercollegiate Department of Biotechnology. For eight years she lived in the United Kingdom, where she gained qualifications and experience as a teacher in British schools. She participated in a number of Primary Years Programme trainings.


Teresa Łepek

Grade 6 homeroom teacher, chemistry and math teacher

A graduate of the chemistry department with a master's and engineering degree. She taught in Canada for seven months, improving her linguistic skills. Currently is a doctoral student. Passionate about logical and mathematical tasks. Constantly develops her teacher's workshop, taking part in training and study visits.


Aleksandra Kotlewska

Grade 7 homeroom teacher, Polish and Polish history teacher

Graduate in Polish Philology as well as postgraduate studies in culture and librarianship. Many years of experience teaching at various educational stages. She has the qualifications and experience in working as an examiner for the District Examination Board.


Izabela Tereszkiewicz

Grade 8 homeroom teacher, Polish and graphic design teacher

A graduate of Polish philology Teaches computer technology as a hobby. She gained international experience, working for 6 years in a secondary school in Paris.


Anna Gostomska

Polish teacher

Graduated from the Jagiellonian University in Kraków with a degree in Polish and English Philology. In 2015 she received her PhD in Medieval and Early Modern European art and literature. She taught Polish literature to students at the university level and also worked as a middle and high school teacher. 


Aleksandra Sulich

Polish teacher

A graduate of pedagogy and a certified teacher of glottodidactics and glottotherapy, i.e. the system of learning to read and write developed by prof. Rocławski. In her work, she uses the knowledge gained in postgraduate studies in the field of art therapy. Experience in working with youth gained through working in schools in the UK.


Natalia Wyrwicka

Polish for foreigners teacher

A graduate of Polish philology. She is specialized in editing and teaching Polish as a foreign language. In previous years she was leading courses for foreigners in Ukraine.


Kamil Kucharski 

History teacher

History department graduate with many years of teaching experience in bilingual classes as well. He specialized in the history of political thought and culture.


Edyta Caban-Żywicka

English teacher

English graduate with many years of experience. She completed courses in English Philology and Pedagogy. Also a graduate of postgraduate studies in English translations. Qualified examiner of the District Examination Board in Gdansk.


David Calladine

English teacher

A graduate of the Camberwell School of Art with the title of a conservator of monuments and managing museum institutions graduate at the University of Portsmouth. He then became a teacher in the UK, where he worked for 12 years as a teacher of art history, fine arts, natural sciences and English. Moved to Poland in 2015.


Vanesa Jimenez Molina

Spanish teacher

She received her Master's degree in Spanish Language Teaching. She also holds a degree from the University of Seville. She worked  as a teacher of Spanish in Dubai and at the Szczecin International School. 


Adriana Budzisz-Orłowska

Geography teacher

A graduate of geography and postgraduate pedagogical studies. She gained her experience during numerous trips, combining passion with work. She participates in international projects addressed to geography teachers.


Marcin Szyszkowski

Mathematics teacher

Doctor of Mathematical Sciences. For many years he worked as an academic teacher at West Virginia University, Columbus State University and the University of Gdansk. He is also involved in mathematics in the school as co-organizer of the mathematical Olympics.


Ewelina Łęgowska

Physics teacher

A graduate of medical physics and currently a student of doctoral studies in physics at the Intercollegiate Department of Biotechnology. For several years she has been actively cooperating with the "Bez rutyny" Association, heading youth activities and popularizing natural sciences.


Mateusz Rydzak - Moc 

Physical Education and day-care teacher

A graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Wrocław. Qualified lacrosse trainer, as well as swimming and basketball instructor. He leads football teams and further develops his workshop as a chess teacher.


Aleksandra Czyżykowska

Physical Education teacher

A graduate of the Academy of Physical Education and Sport in Gdańsk. Volleyball coach, fitness instructor and wellness therapist. For 2 years she coached the Gdansk Physical Culture Club’s girls volleyball team in the Pomeranian Voivodship League.


Paweł Roziewski

Physical Education teacher

A graduate of the Academy of Physical Education and Sport in Gdańsk, swimming instructor of the second class, a swimming referee, a WOPR Rescuer, a sports gymnastics instructor, the main parkour coach at the Movement Sports Club and a promoter of this sport.


Zuzanna Konieczna - Czerwinska


A graduate of cultural studies and graphic design. Actively works as an illustrator. She has been teaching art for children and youth for several years. Currently a student of postgraduate studies in pedagogy.


Tomasz Wojnowski 

Religion teacher

Graduate of theology, history, and education for safety. A teacher with many years of experience in working with youth. Is preparing for a doctorate exam in theology.


James Gibbs

English, IT and Ethics teacher

A psychology graduate from the University of Washington. After a year working with young people in Berlin, he continued his studies at the departments of pedagogy and German and English philology at the Free University in Berlin. Modern technology enthusiast. Lives and teaches in the Tri-City since 1998.


Aleksandra Gołębiewska

Daycare teacher 

A graduate of Anglistics and master's studies in the field of American studies. Also a graduate of postgraduate studies in Pedagogical training. Previously she worked as an English teacher in a technical institute.


Adam Polkowski 

Rubik's cube teacher

President of Polish Speedcubing Association, champion of Poland in classic cube 3x3x3 from 2010. Delegate of the World Federation of Speedcubing.