Ewa Czech

MISG and HISG director

Graduated from University of Gdańsk on the faculty of Pedagogy. She is a plenipotentiary for Gdansk Educational Foundation for Schools and Institutions.


Katarzyna Sirak

Managing director

Graduated from the University of Gdansk, Faculty of Special Education. Completed postgraduate studies in Math, Occupational Theraphy and Educational Leadership. she has been working at school for 20 years and has a 12 years experience of managing educational institutions. For 10 years she has been teaching postgraduate students at the University of Gdańsk. She is also a co-author of textbooks for Early School Education pupils "Colorful Class" as well as syllabi approved by Ministry od National Education. 


Agata Maderska

Administration Manager

Graduated from the Technical University of Gdansk, Faculty Management and Economy with M.Eng. Degree in Marketing. Achieved an international LCCI certificate in Business English. Experienced in managing a small business and carrying out different marketing activities.


Edyta Caban-Żywicka

G7 and G8 homeroom teacher, English teacher

Graduated from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the Catholic University of Lublin. Holds a degree in English Philology and Pedagogy. Completed a postgraduate course in Translation Studies at Rzeszowski University. She gained her work experience working as an English teacher in high and post secondary schools as well as a school coordinator of educational projects in cooperation with AIESEC, Poland.


James Gibbs

G9 homeroom teacher, English, history, social studies teacher, ethics and IT

Originally from Seattle, Washington, Completed his degree in Psychology at the University of Washington. After a one year internship working with youth in Berlin, Germany, he matriculated at the Free University of Berlin, this time studying Education, as well as English and German Philology. He has been living and teaching in the Tri-Cities since 1998.


Anna Bobrowska

Math teacher

Graduated from Gdańsk University of Technology with engineer degree in Mathematics and also from The University of Gdańsk with a master degree in Mathematics for Teachers.


Adriana Budzisz-Orłowska 

Science teacher

Graduated from the University of Gdansk with a master degree in Geography in the Limnology department. Additionally, she took post-graduate studies in Pedagogical Studies.


Aleksandra Czyżykowska

Physical education teacher

Graduated from Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport with a degree in physical education. The instructor of volleyball, fitness and wellness. She has experience with pupils in all education levels.  She was working 2 years like a volleyball trainer with girls team in GOKF.


Stuart Field

English teacher, native speaker

Graduated from Anglia Polytechnic, Cambridge with a BA in English Literature with History in 2001. He then went on to achieve QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) in teaching from the University of Nottingham in 2002. He taught English, English Literature, Media and Film Studies and Drama for 10 years in England before moving to Poland in 2012. 


Kamil Kucharski

Polish history and social studies teacher

Graduated from the University of Gdansk on the faculty of History. During his studies he completed the specialization History of Political Thought and Culture.


Teresa Łepek

Chemistry teacher

Graduated from Gdansk University of Technology and the University of Gdansk with a degree in Chemistry. Additionally, she took post-graduate studies in Pedagogical Studies. Recently, she spent seven months in Canada doing scientific internship and improving her language skills.


Małgorzata Macierzanka

Biology teacher

Graduated from  the Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology UG-AMG. Holds the PhD in Biochemistry. She lived 8 years  in United Kingdom (Norwich), where she completed the Graduate Teacher Program Studies and worked in primary school.


Magdalena Majdańska

Polish for foreigners teacher

Holds an MA in Polish Philology and Philosophy from Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. On the same University, in the The Polish Language and Culture Centre for Polish People from Abroad and Foreigners she finished postgraduate studies in teaching Polish as a foreign language.


Vanesa Jimenez Molina

Spanish teacher, native speaker

Graduated the Master Degree in International Spanish Language Teacher by University of Salamanca. Also graduated Physical Education at the University of Sevilla. She has been working as a Supply Teacher in Dubai, and also as a Spanish teacher in Szczecin International School working with IGCSE and IB.


Aleksandra Mońko-Allen

Music teacher

Jazz and classical pianist. A qualified teacher and a composer. Graduated from The University of The District of Columbia in Washington DC, USA. A piano instructor and the music director of Mt.Calvary Gospel Choir in Forestville, Maryland, USA.


Bogna Pazderska

Physics teacher

Graduated from Astronomy at the University of Nicholaus Copernicus in Torun. She was working at Astronomical Observatory in Piwnice, near Torun. She runs the astronomical observatory in Gdansk Autonomous Schools.


Paweł Roziewski

Physical education teacher

Graduated from the Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport with a degree in physical education. He is a swimming coach, a swimming judge/referee/umpire, a lifeguard, a sport gymnastics instructor, and a main coach in Movement Sport Club.


Izabela Tereszkiewicz

Polish, computer graphic design teacher

Gradutated from Polish Philology at Univeristy of Gdańsk. Last 6 years taught in the high school in Paris. She is a member of Mensa. She runs movie club in the school.


Iwona Wasniewska

Art teacher

After completing her studies at the University of Marie Curie - Sklodowska in Lublin, for several years she was creating art pieces and showing them at various international exhibitions. She spend last few years in United Kingdom, giving art lessons at Art Centre and Gallery TAAG in Teignmouth (Devon, UK).